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@sammyallsop for @womenshealthaus

Photographed by @stevenchee
Styled by @charlotte__stokes
Makeup by @makeupbyjoelphillips

#chicwomen #sammyallsop
@valentinaruby & @hollyyybrown for @russhmagazine
Photographed by @edward_mulvihill
Styled by @charlotte_agnew
Hair by @badisonv
Makeup by @isabellaschimid

#chicwomen #valentinasykes #hollybrown
@genevieve.welsh for @russhmagazine

Photographed by @kittycallaghan
Styled by @genevieve.welsh

#chicwomen #genevievewelsh
@katebock in collaboration with @bondeyeswim

Hand made & dyed in Australia KATE BOCK X BOND-EYE new swimwear capsule collection⁠

@elinneag for @marieclaireau

Photographed by @jessrubyjames
Style @naomismith
Hair @michmacquillan
Makeup @victoriabaron
Fashion Assist & Production @emily.janeee

#chicwomen #linneagrondahl
@leaseelenmeyer for @elbazin.magazine

Photographed by @simonuptonpics
Style @charlotte__stokes 
Style Assistant @aribleak
HMU @christianmcculloch
Production @kazkingdon

#chicwomen #leamohr
Yellow Jack has been awarded the Best Original Composition in Online, Viral and Ambient Advertising in the Musical + Sound Awards and a Gold Award from the NSW/ACT Cinematographers Society for a short film

Executive Producers @chic_management @chictalent
Written and Directed by @harry_sanna
Cinematographer @jemadds
Art Direction @hannah.brady
Styling @thelmamcq
Hair @michmcquillan
Make-up @raemorrismakeup
Editing @marcos_benitos
Colour Grading #FergusRotherham
Composition @adam_moses_music
Sound Design/Mix #LiamAnnert
Audio Producer #MichaelGie
Produced by @christianaroberts @kathyward_chic
Director of Photography @jemadds
1st AC @robfarley_
Data @chris.whaite
Gaffers @_mike_roberts @scottleeson
Cast @sarahstephens7 @sammyallsop @frankie.wall @bhollitt 

#chicproductions #chicwomen #sarahstephens #sammyallsop
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have more than 60,000 years of history. 60,000 years of culture, art, song, dance and language. But let’s not forget where we’re going—with vaccination, the future is bright.

Join @sam_harris with @dabakerboy, chef #NornieBero @mabu_mabu_aus, street artist @tori_jyeay and renowned didgeridoo player and vocalist @williambartonmusic and many more who are joining together to encourage their family, friends, and community to protect themselves by getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Let’s get vaccinated against COVID-19 – For our past, for our future, for all of us.

#ForAllofUs #chicwomen #samanthaharris
@genevieve.welsh for @leemathewsau

Photographed by @benmorrisphoto
Creative Direction @tr_and_p
Style @vanessa_coyle
HMU @annetimper

#chicwomen #genevievewelsh
@hannah.wick for @oroton

Photographed by @simonlekias
Creative Direction @sophieholt__ @side__note
Style @emma_kalfus @karla_clarke
Hair @michmcquillan
Makeup @kelliestrattonmakeup

#chicwomen #hannahwick
@javaddanderson for @countryroad

#chicmen #javaddanderson
Join @jessicavanderleahy and Buy This Necklace To Save A Woman’s Life From Ovarian Cancer

In Australia today alone, four women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Less than half of them will survive the next five years. Why? Because, as you’ll learn in this video, there’s still no early detection test for ovarian cancer.

Let’s change that. Support the @ocrf by purchasing a @georgjensen Moebius Heart pendant and fund critical research for an early detection test for ovarian cancer.


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