Watch – Two minutes with Chantal Monaghan & Ingrid Williams at Alice McCall Resort 2018


Chantal Monaghan – Alice McCall Resort 2018 

What’s been your favourite shows at this years Mercedes Benz?
My favourite shows have been Alice McCall, Ginger and Smart and Romance Was Born.

What’s your ideal street style for the week?

My street style is a leather jackets, t-shirts more grungy street style… New- York- ee.

What has been your favourite look?

My favourite look was at the Alice McCall show, my look was a blue dress flowing with a v- cut down the middle and at Ginger and Smart I was wearing a bathing suit with a sheer blue dress over the top which was also blue. Two blue things!

What’s the best thing about Australian Fashion Week in comparison to the other shows you have done in the International circuit?

Well this is actually my first Australian Fashion Week. It’s a lot more chill which I like and everybody knows everybody and it’s all the same people everywhere so that’s nice as overseas it’s all different people in and out of shows.



Ingrid Williams – Alice McCall Resort 2018 

What was the over all atmosphere of the Alice McCall Resort 2018 show?

1.Backstage at Alice McCall the ambience was super vibrant and everyone was having a lot of fun!

How was your fashion week this year in comparison to other years? 

2. Fashion week this year was full on as I had to run between Uni and shows. But I really enjoyed myself!



Bridget Hollitt backstage at Alice McCall Resort 2018

Roberta Pecoraro backstage at Alice McCall 2018

Backstage Alice McCall 2018



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