Monika Radulovic for Oliver Grand

Our insanely beautiful Monika Radulovic looking drop dead gorgeous for Oliver Grand


If I wasn’t modelling I would be a registered clinical psychologist working with children. I am already half way there.

My ideal Saturday night is cozying up on the couch with my man and kitten watching a great movie (preferably while it’s raining outside).

My biggest turn on is a great sense of humour. I’m also a sucker for smiles!

Take me anywhere on the Croatian coast for a holiday! I can speak the language so I can communicate easily with the locals, the food is INCREDIBLE, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

More guys should wear their hair without any product. There is something so sexy about a guy who can rock his natural hair!

You should never wear socks and sandals! Unless you’re a high school maths teacher over the age of 55, this is never appropriate.

When dating a guy I pay attention to the way he talks about his ex girlfriends and how his past relationships ended. I think that reveals a lot about a person.

Meet Avril Alexander

Our ultimate babe Avril Alexander shines in her latest interview for Oliver Grand….

My first modelling gig was walking for Zimmerman and Alex Perry at Sydney fashion week. I practiced around the house for weeks.
My ideal Saturday night is dinner, a few wines and a movie snuggled up with my man and my dog.
My biggest turn on is a beaming smile.
Biggest turn off is Arrogance.
My Dream holiday is…The list is endless and impossible to pick just one.
Favourite dance floor track is Nothing left by Kygo.
First date: Bar or Breakfast? Bar to help ease the nerves.
Tattoos or no tattoos? Depends on the guy and their personality. I don’t have a preference. Each to their own.
Male celeb with the hottest style is David Beckham





Photography: Trevor King
Fashion Editor: Freddie Fredericks
Beauty: Diana Djurdjevski

Oliver Grand:
Meet Elle Morris

Our incredible Elouise Morris shines in her latest shoot & interview with Oliver Grand!…

I am currently working on…
 writing and illustrating a few kids fantasy stories based on my childhood.
I knew I wanted to be a model when…
 my Mum entered me in a model search comp so I had no choice, haha. But I’m glad she did, I love my job!
My style
 is pretty simple and depends on my mood.
When I’m going to castings for jobs I am usually in jeans, a t-shirt and
boots. If I’m going out then I will wear something a little flirty.
Otherwise, I pretty much live in a bikini or my gym gear.
The 3 things I look for in a guy…
  are nice eyes, someone to make me laugh, and he must love animals!!!
The first think I notice about him…
  is always his
eyes. I do like a nice back and arms too. I’m pretty casual with my
style so I like guys that are laid back with their’s too.
Every man should own…
  a good pair jeans and an awesome t-shirt that I can I wear. Although I prefer them without!

The best first date…
  would have to be at the beach or
bush walking. I feel like you get to know the person more being out in
nature. Plus if I trip, I can fall into his arms and that leads into
My biggest male celebrity crush…
  is Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax from Sons of Anarchy. Heath Ledger and Adrian Grenier are big ones too.
And female…  
Angelina Jolie and Margot Robbie.
I never thought I would…
 have a pet rooster as a best friend. I can’t help it he makes me laugh!
I don’t do dating apps
 I’m usually pretty forward when I meet people in person.
My Spotify
 line up consists of Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, always. I just saw Drake, so he’s on repeat at the moment too.
If I wasn’t modelling…
 I would be acting. Well, I’m
taking classes currently so that’s the next avenue. I like to do
impersonations and make people laugh, otherwise I would be working with

Stephanie Cherry for Womens Fitness April!

Our beauty Stephanie Cherry covers the latest issue of Womens Fitness looking absolutely picture perfect. It is so amazing seeing our Chic girls grace the cover of Womens Fitness every month – We LOVE!