Chantal Monaghan for Pages Digital by Steven Popovich

Chantal Monaghan is a shining star in her new editorial ‘Lucky Star’ for Pages Digital.

Photographer Steven Popovich explores extra terrestrial textures and cosmic skin in this skin, transforming Chantal into and other worldly being.

StevenPopovich_Sh 6_0930 v1 StevenPopovich_Sh 5_0650 v1 StevenPopovich_Sh 7_0973 V1 StevenPopovich_Sh 7_1015 v1 StevenPopovich_Sh 8_1177 v2

Photography: Steven Popovich

Styling: Kurt Johnson

Hair: Dale Delaporte

MakeUp: Cat Smith

Paulina & Zoe for Fashion Gone Rogue by Steven Popovich


Our girls Paulina Grochowina and Zoe Nieuwenhuis were taken down to the river by photographer Steven Popovich exclusively for Fashion Gone Rogue.

Taking inspiration from Italian Renaissance art, the girls emerge from the depths, moody and romantic , proving that sometimes art imitates life.





River-Title-Update Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos02 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos05 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos07 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos10

Photography:Steven Popovich

Styling:Janai Anselmi

MU:Kristyan Low