Samantha Harris for 100 years of Australian Lifestyle for Sportscraft

 Samantha Harris looks beautiful for Sportscraft’s celebration of 100 years of Australian Lifestyle. 
Samantha, a long with 7 other Aussie icons, is helping Sportscraft celebrate their 100 year anniversary this year. 
They’ve sat down with Samantha to have a catch up about the brand & the unbeatable Aussie lifestyle…
What is your favorite Sportscraft piece
that you have in your wardrobe?
My favorite
Sportscraft piece would have to be my navy blue Liberty print jacket. I wear it
all the time. It’s such a statement piece that compliments any outfit.
What defines Australian lifestyle for you?
I love the
relaxed Aussie lifestyle. Australians are so easy going and carefree.
What is your “deserted island” fashion/beauty
essential that you just couldn’t live without?
Sun screen
and a wide brimmed floppy hat.
What inspires you?
Strong independent


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