Romy & RAFW present Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Inside Australian Fashion Week, Tiffany & Co. teamed up with StyleMeRomy to present their new collection of vintage inspired contemporary lockets paired with the latest trends in Australian fashion. It’s a lock!”

Kailah, Myf, Louise, Sarah

Louise Van De Vorst, Romy, Director of Tiffany & Co. Bill Nolan

Sarah, Kailah & Myf

all jewellery by tiffany & co

Jessica Gomes talks about her role as Rosemount Fashion Ambassador for RAFW 2011

‘Stunning model Jess Gomes is the official Rosemount Fashion Ambassador for RAFW this year. We caught up with her to hear about her week, and enough costume changes to rival Anna Dello Russo.’
What does your week entail?
“I am the Rosemount Fashion Ambassador for this week so it’s very, very exciting. Pretty much I am just hanging out at the Rosemount Botanical Wine Bar every day talking to people. I am also sitting front row at all the shows, doing lots of press, and luckily for me as well I get to be dressed in all the amazing Australian designers. So it’s been really fun!”
You are having a few costume changes, you are keeping busy!
“Yes! Yesterday I had three changes, but today I just have the one.”
What are you wearing today?
“I am wearing Yeojin Bae.”
She is showing for the first time tomorrow which is exciting!
“Yes, it’s very exciting!”
What are your favourite Australian designers?
“I love Josh Goot and Camilla and Marc, Ellery, Dion Lee, Lover… There’s so many! All the really, really good ones. And Yeojin Bae now. I think she’s amazing. They are probably my top picks!”

Interview by Lucinda Rose Constable for Pages Digital