Chic Girls at Romance Was Born Resort 2017 | Chic Quick Questions With Paulina

The beautiful Paulina Grochowina sits down with Chic Management to talk over her week of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and walking for Romance Was Born’s Resort 2017 collection. Roberta Pecoraro and Jade Burton also danced the characters of the show.


What were you wearing for Romance Was Born?

I was wearing something like a luxurious silk pyjama set in a print of blue and yellow ostrich plumes, and a beautiful bralet. This, together with the hair & makeup and rosary beads reminded me of Madonna en vogue/ Louis 16th era / Hunger Games.


What was the most exciting part of the show?

I loved the way each outfit seemed to draw out the various characters in each of the models. As far as we were concerned, the performance began long before the show had even started. We had a great time backstage playing the part for each other.

The finale was also great fun – basically a continuation of our backstage antics. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings at Carthona.


What was your favourite outfit from Romance Was Born?

This may sound very cliched but it was impossible to have favourites. Each piece was so extraordinary. It would be like having to choose from an assortment of chocolate truffles. Having said that, I really liked how the light blue underwater flapper dress looked against Mary’s ebony skin.


What are the best things about living in Sydney?

I live very centrally, so I can walk pretty much to most of my castings which is great since I love to explore cities by foot.


How did you wind down after a week of Fashion Week? 

To be honest, after my 4am call times I just lay in bed and trawled the internet for the latest shots from the shows. And pizza.

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Paulina Grochowina
 Roberta Pecoraro
Romance 7
Jade Burton & Roberta Pecoraro
Romance 8
Jade Burton

Paulina Grochowina featured on WhoWhatWear for The UNDONE shot by Emily Abay

To celebrate the launch of Chic blogger Harper & Harley’s (Sara Donaldson) online shopping mecca The UNDONE, WhoWhatWear talk to founders Sara Donaldson & Georgia Martin about the trials, triumphs and inspirations of taking a dip into the e-commerce pool.

Photographer Emily Abay shoots Paulina Grochowina in key pieces from the pair’s precisely curated store, bringing to life the UNDONE aesthetic.


TheUNDONE_May2016_EmilyAbay_5 - Copy TheUNDONE_May2016_EmilyAbay_8 TheUNDONE_May2016_EmilyAbay_9 - Copy

Photography: Emily Abay

Paulina & Zoe for Fashion Gone Rogue by Steven Popovich


Our girls Paulina Grochowina and Zoe Nieuwenhuis were taken down to the river by photographer Steven Popovich exclusively for Fashion Gone Rogue.

Taking inspiration from Italian Renaissance art, the girls emerge from the depths, moody and romantic , proving that sometimes art imitates life.





River-Title-Update Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos02 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos05 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos07 Water-Fashion-Steven-Popovich-Photos10

Photography:Steven Popovich

Styling:Janai Anselmi

MU:Kristyan Low