Ollie Henderson in ‘An Unguarded Moment’ for Pages Digital

We absolutely – can’t get enough of – totally in love with Ollie Henderson‘s latest Editorial. 
‘An Unguarded Moment’ feat. on Pages Digital is the perfect collaboration which showcases our Ollie in a perfect light. 
Amazing work Ollie you supermodel!
Photography // Cara O’Dowd
Styling // Lydia-Jane Saunders
Hair // Dale Delaporte @ Names Agency
Make Up // Lei Tai @ Viviens Creative

Ollie Henderson’s ‘House Of Riot’ Latest Climate Collection

Our Ollie Henderson‘s House of Riot have just released a new range of climate action t-shirts.
“WE ARE THE FUTURE” a personal favourite of Ollies

20% Of Profits from the Sale of these shirts will go towards the Global Cool Foundation. http://globalcoolfoundation.org/
 Available at http://shop.thehouseofriot.com/

has now also started working closely with UK based
activist group THE FUTURE to raise awareness and to pressure governments
to take action on our behalf to reduce the effects of Climate Change
and make our world livable for all. Check out their work at www.thefuture.net.

“The time is NOW and we must take action!” – Ollie

The Girl Behind The Riot: Ollie Henderson

We catch up with our Ollie Henderson, the brains behind her latest movement #StartThe Riot

 Ollie distributed her first 100 Tee’s to models, fashionista’s and photographer’s in the know during this year’s MBFWA

The first injection of her home made DIY Tees on the streets caught the eyes of everybody from Vogue to Oyster and every street snapper in between. 

From the countless interviews on the interweb about the movement, everybody’s well aware the Riot has begun and it’s travelling full steam ahead. With exciting plans on the horizon we thought we’d catch up with the ‘it’ girl herself to learn a few things about her that we didn’t already know….

Your hometown is… 
Creswick, Victoria. A small (1 traffic light) town 2 hours from Melbourne.
But you spend most of your days in…
Between NY, London and Sydney.
The one item of clothing you can’t live without?
My goggles. I collect them, mostly cyberpunk ones. I feel like they give me a power up when I wear them.
You collect and love vintage goggles, where and how did this love start?
I think it was born from an obsession with Tank Girl.
How would you describe your personal style?
Space Punk
My go to fragrance is..
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather… dreamy
I’m inspired by…
It’s hard to pin point where inspiration comes from. It’s can be anything. Yesterday I was chatting to my pal Myf about eclipses whilst trying to watch one and failing due to the clouds. Out of this moment I conceived the narrative for a film I’m making later in the year about desperation and desire. So where did the inspiration come from? My friend? The Park? The Sun? The words we spoke? I think it’s everything.
My guilty pleasure is…
One should never feel guilty for seeking pleasure.
In 5 years time I see myself..
Who knows
Favourite place your job has taken you to…
Bones Aries, Argentina.
The dream photographer you’d kill to work with is..
Nan Goldin
Favourite person in the industry right now is..
Myf Sheppard. She came to stay with me for a month and I have just now come back from dropping her at the airport. It’s a sad day, but I’ll see her again in two weeks when I’m back in NY.
Favourite lunch spot in Sydney?
Yullies. Nice courtyard out the back.
Biggest purchase to date is?
I bought a houseboat in London.
Next big purchase will probably be?
I have just started a new business venture, House of Riot. So I’m sure I will have many big purchases ahead.
What’s the next step for your Start The Riot movement?
I’m making another round of t-shirts which will be available in a couple of weeks and preparing for the next Zine.
Is there anywhere online we can get my hands on a T shirt or are they made to order?
www.thehouseofriot.com They will be up in a couple of weeks. You can keep updated on the Facebook Page www.facebook.com/starttheriotnow
Who’s your ultimate celebrity dream boat you’d love to see sporting your Tee’s?
Tony Abbot
Cook at home or eat out?
Eat out at home? (Sorry I couldn’t help myself)
Denim or leather?
Tea or coffee?

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Oyster Magazine’s ‘Faces of Fashion Week’ – Ollie Henderson

“This year’s Fashion Week felt very new. Was missing a few big names but had so many emerging new talents. Di$count was a big highlight for me.

It was also very different for me this year as I was launching my new project “Start The Riot.”
The aim is the get young people engaged with politics. I hand made 100 t-shirts with positive political slogans on them for people to wear during fashion week.
So on top of the usual FW antics I was also busy in my living room floor sweatshop making tees.”

MBFWA Street Style

Rachel Rutt and Emily Jean Bester
Caitlin Sanderson and Amanda Ware
Ollie Henderson and Rhianna Porter
Lydia Willemina Collins
Holly Rose
Alys Hale
Kate Peck and Montana Cox
source: Vogue.com.au

Interview: Ollie Henderson

What is your favourite new piece of clothing, old piece of clothing, accessory?
My favorite piece of new clothing is a Romance Was Born dress, favorite piece of old clothing is a leather jacket and my favorite accessory would  be my Cyberdog goggles.
How would people describe your style? 
Currently I’m running with Tank Girl meets 1970’s Punk, but I’m feeling a change coming on. New look is more Givenchy chic meets Cyberpunk. 
One thing people would not know about you?
I used to be in a marching band playing tenor horn when I was a kid, and yes I was very cool. 
 In five years what do you want your life to look like?      

When did Alys Hale (Chic model/best friend/band mate) and you meet?
I met Alys when I first moved to London 2-3 years ago. Our booker set us up on a friendship date predicting that we would get along. I remember the day, Alys had blonde hair and was wearing all black and I had brown hair, and was wearing a rainbow of colours. He found it amusing that we looked so different but were so similar. 
Tell me about your band with Alys, Kitty and Cal?
Our band is called Tank Twin. It started with Alys and I’s mutual obsession with Tank Girl. We developed a hypothetical band called Tank Twin (for obvious reasons) when we were back both in London last year. The musical side of the band came together when Alys wrote me a song called Electric Awesome Dope Girl to help me remember the string on the bass (EADG). From there our baby was born. Upon Alys’ return to Australia I learnt bass, pulled in our very musically talented pals Kitty and Cal Callahan, who also look quite twin like, wrote some songs and the rest is musical history.
What instrument are you playing/ who taught you?
I’m on bass. I have been learning from my friends, mostly Laura Bailey of Mezko, Alys, and am doing a whole lot of practice. We booked our first gig almost as soon as we officially formed, so I only had 3 weeks to learn before the show. Given I had only learnt the string names the week before this was very ambitious. All my free time was dedicated to practice, up to 10 hours every day, and somehow I managed to pull it together. The biggest problem I had was my fingers tips getting sore and blistering from playing too much.
Tell us about your first gig, how did it go?
We played our first gig at The Flinders. I was so flattered by the support we had from our friends. We had a bit of a rusty start with a few technical difficulties, but managed to bring it home strong in the end. We have been asked to do a few other 
gigs around town since, so I guess it was a success.  
What inspires you creatively?
Mostly people, at the moment my inspirational person is Richard Feynman.
Any other creative endeavours currently working on?
Usually I work in visual art. I am currently working on an interactive technology based piece that will reflect the individual’s ghost. 
I also styled my first shoot for Feel the Future, the latest project from the wonderful Renee Warner and Gibson Fox. It will be launched next month and I’m very keen to see the end result. I was inspired and humbled to see things from the other side of the camera. 
What exhibition are you having in New York? Or is it a secret?
Secret for now.
Exclusive interview by Chic Management