Oyster Magazine’s ‘Faces of Fashion Week’ – Myf Shepherd

“I’ve been modelling for 7 years, it’s more part-time these days. 
I do art, I have a studio in New York. It’s part of a collective I started with my boyfriend, there are eleven artists in there I think, and five or six bands. 
I want to do set design eventually, my boyfriend is a set builder. He works for a company that does most Condé Nast projects, like Vogue and stuff. 
I love doing sculpture, sculptures which could be sets, then he helps me turn them it into something real.”
source: Oystermag.com

Bianca Spender MBFWA 14, Chic exclusive

Roberta (opened)
Rachel Rutt
Annie Rose
Valerija Erokhina
Amanda Ware
Eden Bristowe
Tess Chrichton
Ollie Henderson
Jade Burton
Tanja G
Stephanie Joy Field
 Ya Ya Deng
Nicole Pollard
Charlotte Lohmann
Sophia Rambaldini
Anneliese Seubert
Myf Shepherd (closed)
source: Vogue.com.au

Carla Zampatti opens MBFWA 14 with seriously Chic style

Nicole Pollard (opened)
Stephanie Joy Field
Roberta Pecoraco
Sophia Rambaldini
Myf Shepherd
Anastasia Kuznetsova
Valeria Erokhina
Rachel Rutt
Amanda Ware
Olivia Lefebre
Madi Blampied
Annie Rose
Maddison Brown (closed)