General Pants Co’s Latest Muse…Elliott Nimmo!

Our Elliott Nimmo is General Pants latest muse, just when we thought we knew him and all about his painting
From London to New York, our latest model muse has been painting his
way all over the globe and just about to finish his Master of Fine Art.
Meet Elliott Nimmo
 How does being a model influence your art?
Being around clothes and cameras affects the way I look at fashion
advertising. I look at the concept, the look and I know straightaway if
it’ll be a killer painting.
Who are your muses?
Hmm, defs my girlfriend, Shuri, who is a jewellery designer. My mum, too – her style is effortless.
How would you describe your style?
I love anything classic and simple. Well-cut, detailed pieces. Black, white and navy is my mantra.
 How do you juggle studying and work? Caffeine addiction?
Oh, look, I drink way too much coffee! It’s fun, though, I just roll with the punches.
Where in the world is your favourite place to escape?
The Brett Whiteley Studio down in Surry Hills. The guy was a legend, and his studio always gives me plenty of inspiration.
If I could go back in time…..
I would tell myself not to worry so much – life has a way of working itself out.
Who would be your ultimate model to paint a portrait of?
Kate Moss!!!! She is epic in her style and her look. I’d paint her in “fuck-off” black and white on a massive 8 foot canvas.
Off model duties…
Um, anything art-related – I’m such an art nerd, seriously it’s a bit embarrassing. Otherwise, drinks! Plenty of drinks.
 What advice would you give to aspiring artists and models?
Probably just go with it – if you want to do it, bloody do it. Work hard. Take the criticism and show them.
What’s your most prized possession?
My silver bracelet my parents got me for my 21st, which was from all their old silver. I love it.
If you could create an emoji, what would it be?
A dude with a tongue poking out with a paintbrush.
What tracks would you like to add to the GP Music playlist?
“Sky Blue and Ivory” by Torches, “Fall 4 U” by Chad Valley – oh, and “Take me to Church” by Hozier.