Mitchell King on

Name Mitchell King
Age 22
Hometown Sydney, Australia

How did you get discovered?
I was asked to join my Sydney agency when I went to pick up my ex-girlfriend (a model) from work.

Items that are always with me when I am traveling:
My camera, a book, iPod, and laptop.

Favorite places you have been to:
New York, Spain, and Sweden

Favorite dish to eat:
Love a good steak

People would be surprised to know that I…
Secretly like watching The Hills.

What type of music do you like listening to?
Lots of stuff, from dubstep right back to Louis Armstrong.

Do you have a lucky charm?
A necklace that used to belong to my grandmother. (See photo)

If you had to choose a song that would best describe you as an individual, what song would it be and why did you choose it?
I don’t think I could choose one song in particular. I love a lot of songs. I usually listen to a type of music that corresponds with the mood I’m in at that time. Right now I’m listening to Celine Dion at full volume.

What are you most obsessed about?
I’m most obsessed about a burger shop in Sydney, where I’m from, called the Salty Rooster. You’ll know what I mean if you ever go there. You’ll probably see my mate Zac asleep outside.

What irritates you?
Waking up in the morning is always severely irritating.

Your favorite curse word…and why?
It’s probably “fuck.” It’s so multifunctional and it sounds great.

Your most often repeated phrase?
Fuck…? No, just kidding. Not too sure. I like saying YOLO (You Only Live Once) when I’m making certain decisions. Completely cheesy.

What turns you on? What turns you off?
I’m turned on by traveling to new places on impulse. And I’m turned off by sharing food with seagulls.

What’s your favorite pickup line?
“Please don’t walk away yet…”

Describe your personal style.
I guess it would be fairly casual. I only really wear skinny jeans and I like t-shirts with most get-ups. I wear mostly dark colors and I’m always looking out for new coats. You can never have enough coats. Although in the summer at home I tend to only wear boardies.

What are your plans for the holidays?
These holidays I plan to spend Christmas with my family in Australia. Then over New Year’s I’m heading to a place called Byron Bay with my mates. After that I’ll head back to Europe and New York for the shows.