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Meet Melissa Stasiuk | Chic Profiles

What’s your background?

I am from Argentina, I have been in the industry for a few years now…
So far I have lived in NY, Paris, London, Milan, Hamburg, Tokyo. I like that it gives me the possibility to race to know different cultures, languages and people!! I reconsider myself to be a curious and sensitive person and I really enjoy the details that each place I travel to offers me.

Favourite spot in Australia you have come across so far?

It’s my first time in Australia. I am really still exploring.
I really like this city!!!! The people!!! The form to work!! The energy. I’m very grateful!!


What’s your signature style when you are not off to castings?

When I’m not working I like to enjoy the new sites, to know the city and all that it offers, to see friends, to skate. I also have a great passion for cooking and art.


What do you love about the industry?

In Argentina, I was doing various projects, creating material for the modelling industry with friends, videos and production. I find it a very interesting industry.

What I like about it is to see the particular artworks process. You see the creation come together. In all the cities these all change and are different from one another. This seems very interesting to me.



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