Maya Stepper for Lack of Colour shot by Brydie Mack

Maya Stepper remembers when  days were brighter, cottons were crisper, and your friends were the world.

Photographer Brydie Mack creates a world of simplistic nostalgia for Lack of Colour, having us dreaming of the blaring sun and the hats we will wear to shade ourselves.

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Photography: Brydie Mack

Styling: Nadene Duncan

H/MU: Isabella Schmid

Maya Stepper by Emily Abay

If you haven’t seen our Maya Stepper in action don’t stress, we’ve got what you need right here…

Recently our dynamite beach babe teamed up with an industry favorite, Emily Abay. Together, with the help from the amazing Ania Milczaryczk, they’ve managed to re surface our love of beach shoots & made us fall even more in love with our beauty Maya, which we didn’t even think was possible.

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