MBFWA Day 1: Romance Was Born SS 13/14

Jemma Baines / Maddison Brown / Holly Rose
Gabby Westbrook-Patrick / Montana Cox / Amanda Ware
Stephanie Rad / Rhianna Porter / Ollie Henderson

Louise Van De Vorst / Nicole Pollard / Rachel Rutt

source: vogue.com.au

Romy & RAFW present Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Inside Australian Fashion Week, Tiffany & Co. teamed up with StyleMeRomy to present their new collection of vintage inspired contemporary lockets paired with the latest trends in Australian fashion. It’s a lock!”

Kailah, Myf, Louise, Sarah

Louise Van De Vorst, Romy, Director of Tiffany & Co. Bill Nolan

Sarah, Kailah & Myf

all jewellery by tiffany & co
source: stylemeromy.com