Watch – International recap – Verna Reini, Lis Van Velthoven & Martha Liversedge backstage at Bianca Spender Resort 2018



Verna Reini – Bianca Spender Resort 2018 

How has fashion week in Australia been for you in comparison to other Fashion Weeks?
The best I think but super hectic which I enjoy.

What was your favourite day from the week?
The one day where I did three shows.

Where are you from?
Helsinki, Finland.

Your worst habit ?
Taking naps where ever I am lol.





Lis Van Velthoven – Bianca Spender Resort 2018 

What did you like about being a part of the Bianca Spender’s show?

Well I loved the spirit of being a team. All the girls were enthusiastic and Bianca is a sweet and talented designer so I loved to walk for her.

Where are you from?
I’m from Holland. A dutchie and no not from Amsterdam.

How has fashion week in Australia been for you in comparison to other fashion weeks?
Good! I am happy with the shows I have walked for. In comparison of other fashion weeks around the world, I did less castings and more shows. How amazing is that! And yes the whether is better as well.

What was your favourite day from the week?
Thursday. I walked Ten pieces, Akira and Romance was Born. I was relieved that fashion week was over but also in shock how fast the time past.

Your advice for surviving a fashion week?
Have fun! Enjoy every experience you get, because not every girl walks on that runway.




Martha Liversedge – Bianca Spender 2018 

What did you love about the Bianca Spender show?
I really loved both looks, for Bianca Spender. The jumpsuit fabric was really luxurious and moved beautifully. The jacket with the skirt was a fabulous fit, both outfits were really classy and elegant.

Where are you from?
I am from Exeter, a small city in the south west of England. Sydney reminds me of a Exeter (except much larger), as both are really friendly cities; next to the coast; have fantastic walks. I love city life but it is great to be able to easily get to beautiful beaches and green areas to relax after the buzz of the city.
How has your fashion week in Australia been for you in comparison to other shows you have done internationally?
The layout of Sydney meant that it was easier to travel between castings than in some places.

What was the most exciting show during Mercedes Benz?
It is not possible to pick a favourite show as they were all amazing and very different. I was lucky to walk for Aje just before fashion week started, the dress was a beautiful design inspired by Pwerle Gallery. I really enjoyed leading the finale. We are Kindred was such a beautiful show with heavenly outfits. It was exciting walking the Nextgen show with new designers; the Mariam Seddiq show was incredibly stylish; Sass and Bide runway was simply stunning. But I have to say with wild hair, unicorn tear makeup and an incredible floaty dress for Romance Was Born runway gave me such incredible freedom. The drama and choreography were exquisite and I have never experienced anything like it!

What have you loved about being in Sydney?
Before coming to Sydney I had not been to Australia and I started with a couple of wonderful weeks in Cairns diving. Then to Sydney-what a place! The people are so helpful, friendly and hospitable. Great outdoor spaces and loads to do. It feels safe and is easy to navigate. Still getting used to looking up in Hyde Park to see the Ibis’ in the trees instead of pigeons!





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