Beauty Profile: Elouise Morris for ModelCo Cosmetics

Our wonderful Elouise Morris shines in the latest Summer 15 ModelCo Campaign so much so that ModelCo recently sat down with here to talk all things summer beauty….


What are your tips for feeling comfortable in front of a camera?
I’ve always felt quite comfortable in front of the camera. I like to clown around on set which creates a good vibe with the crew and if everyone’s happy, then I’m happy which makes the shoot run smoothly and I get the job done!

What is your own go-to summer beauty regime?
Plenty of time at the beach – it’s good for the soul which comes out through your skin, tinted moisturiser, peachy blush, lip balm, sea salt spray for tousled hair.
ModelCo Tip: For the perfect peach cheek flush, try ModelCo CREME ROUGE Cheek & Lips which provides a sheer, buildable colour that can be used on both cheeks and lips.

Three beauty essentials you can’t leave home without?
Hydration spray! I can’t live without it because it refreshes your skin and leaves a luminous glow, A good lippy, which can brighten your face instantly and tinted moisturiser. I can top it up whenever and it looks as though I’m not wearing anything.
ModelCo Tip: Carry ModelCo REPLENISHING ROSE MIST facial mist in your beach/hand bag to keep skin hydration at the ready on these hot summer days.

What is your signature hairstyle?
I love texturised hair as mine is super straight, I usually spritz sea salt spray or dry shampoo to give it body and that sexy beach hair look!

When you’re not working, how do you like to unwind?
In summer, the beach, the ocean and sun are both so soothing, yoga/pilates, going for long walks beach or bush, cooking and hanging out with my pets.

Can you share any insider tips that you have picked up from makeup artists after all these hours spent sitting in the make up chair?
To prep and to prime the skin. I’m always learning new tricks and what products work best on my skin. Each makeup artist is totally different and I just take note of what they are doing so I can try to recreate my favourite looks.

What products are always in your makeup kit?
Hydration spray, primer, tinted moisturiser, concealer, blush/bronzer, mascara, earthy eye shadows, eyebrow gel and a good illuminator!


Photographer: ITS NOW COOL
MUA: Ania Milczarczyk

Lydia Collins for Wittner SS15 Campaign!

We;re loving our Lydia Collins for the latest Wittner Shoes Campaign ‘Work / Play

Who are your style muses?
I don’t really follow bloggers, but I’m inspired by my friends like Catherine McNeil and Ollie Henderson, or my mum!
What does your everyday uniform look like?
My uniform consists of a pair of jeans, trusty sneakers, a basic shirt and I love a good tailored jacket.
How would you describe your style in three words?
Comfy, eclectic, tomboy.
Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
Buying a car!
Tell us how you got discovered. What was the turning point in your career?
I was discovered when I was 17 on the way to my job at a pizzeria. My
career officially started after I did Givenchy exclusive a few years
Your favourite city in the world?
Paris, but NYC comes a close second!
When you’re not in front of the lens strutting your stuff, where would we find you?
Probably at home chilling with my friends and family. I’m such a homebody!
For more of Lydia’s interview with Wittner click here! 
 Watch all the behind the scenes action from the shoot day below….

Montana Cox for Sunday Life

Our divine Montana Cox covers the latest issue of Sunday Life looking like a vision in white for their racing special ‘Saddle Up‘…
How would you describe your personal style?
Really laid-back and classic. I love men’s-style suiting,
which is very in this season. I love pants and a T-shirt,
I love jeans – they are very relaxed and boyish.
Who influences you, fashion-wise?
When I do runway shows overseas, it’s all the models;
when I go to castings, I like to get tips from what they’re
wearing, and how they’re wearing it.
Who’s your favourite style icon, past or present?
I like the classic style icons, like Audrey Hepburn –
she was very feminine but wore turtlenecks with black
trousers. I love that kind of look, where it’s sleek and
beautiful but with a masculine edge. And for these days,
I love [Ukrainian/Canadian model] Daria Werbowy.
What do you love to do when at home in Melbourne?
My house is probably the number-one place on my list
– and Mum’s dinner! I love to go to Cookie in Swanston
Street. I like the Richmond trattoria Baby, Thirty Eight
Chairs in South Yarra is another favourite. Probably my
number one is the bistro France-Soir in South Yarra.
…And shopping?
Apart from David Jones, little boutiques and op shops,
I like going around Brunswick Street, looking at all
those little stores you can’t find anywhere else.

Photographer: James Mullins
Stylist: Penny McCarthy
Hair stylist: Richard Kavanagh
MUA: Max Made

General Pants Co’s Latest Muse…Elliott Nimmo!

Our Elliott Nimmo is General Pants latest muse, just when we thought we knew him and all about his painting
From London to New York, our latest model muse has been painting his
way all over the globe and just about to finish his Master of Fine Art.
Meet Elliott Nimmo
 How does being a model influence your art?
Being around clothes and cameras affects the way I look at fashion
advertising. I look at the concept, the look and I know straightaway if
it’ll be a killer painting.
Who are your muses?
Hmm, defs my girlfriend, Shuri, who is a jewellery designer. My mum, too – her style is effortless.
How would you describe your style?
I love anything classic and simple. Well-cut, detailed pieces. Black, white and navy is my mantra.
 How do you juggle studying and work? Caffeine addiction?
Oh, look, I drink way too much coffee! It’s fun, though, I just roll with the punches.
Where in the world is your favourite place to escape?
The Brett Whiteley Studio down in Surry Hills. The guy was a legend, and his studio always gives me plenty of inspiration.
If I could go back in time…..
I would tell myself not to worry so much – life has a way of working itself out.
Who would be your ultimate model to paint a portrait of?
Kate Moss!!!! She is epic in her style and her look. I’d paint her in “fuck-off” black and white on a massive 8 foot canvas.
Off model duties…
Um, anything art-related – I’m such an art nerd, seriously it’s a bit embarrassing. Otherwise, drinks! Plenty of drinks.
 What advice would you give to aspiring artists and models?
Probably just go with it – if you want to do it, bloody do it. Work hard. Take the criticism and show them.
What’s your most prized possession?
My silver bracelet my parents got me for my 21st, which was from all their old silver. I love it.
If you could create an emoji, what would it be?
A dude with a tongue poking out with a paintbrush.
What tracks would you like to add to the GP Music playlist?
“Sky Blue and Ivory” by Torches, “Fall 4 U” by Chad Valley – oh, and “Take me to Church” by Hozier.

Getting a Manicure With Supermodel Jesscia Gomes

Our very own Jessica Gomes gets a manicure this month with Marie Claire Australia and talks all things home, off duty and beauty…
A simple girl at heart, I like to be comfortable—my daily uniform
consists of a white tee, jeans, heels and a leather jacket or a tailored
blazer. I also love spending time outdoors, and I try to stick to an
organic paleolithic diet. I enjoy cold-pressed green juices in the
morning and I rely on Pilates reformer classes to stay toned and in
shape. My beauty philosophy is the same; keep it simple and not too
” – Jessica

Full interview here

Montana Cox has a Date with Kate

We love having our Montana Cox in town as does everybody else. Being “One of Australias most in-demand models” Montana caught up Kate Waterhouse to talk, life, career and the future…
Photo: Steven Siewert
Did you ever expect to lead the life you live?
– never ever ever. When I was younger, I was a really big sports girl. I
wanted to be a professional netball player. That was my dream. And then ANTM happened. I was shopping with mum and mum said, “Go try out” and I was like, “No mum”.
You didn’t even want to try out for ANTM?
we were just shopping and [the auditions] were there and mum was like,
“Just do it” and I was like, “OK”.  Ever since then it has been a big
If you decided to go down that model path, do you think you could you have done it without ANTM? 
has been an amazing platform in terms of having cameras around you all
the time and getting interviewed and meeting all the photographers. It
was a really great exposure as well. It’s a very popular show in
Australia. It’s very focused on helping the girls reaching their goals,
which is really great.

Not everyone who wins ANTM is as successful as you are. What’s the secret to your success?
don’t know. But I think it’s really having your head screwed on
straight. I just try to be really positive and the best person I can be
every day. I’ve always been very open to travelling around and seeing
new things and new places. So I think just having an open mind about
that has been really great for me.
Do you still watch the show?
do. Actually, I just watched last season. I remember I could not watch
my season! It would stress me out. But I’ve watched all other seasons.
It’s just really addictive TV.
What’s the best part about your job?
perks are pretty good! I mean, free stuff is always really nice
[laughs]. But I think it’s learning from the people around you. The
experience I’ve had the past couple of years I would have never had
[without modelling]. I would have stayed in Melbourne and maybe gone to
university. But modelling has taken me around the world and I’ve seen
things I’d never be able to see or do. So it’s really exciting and great
in that sense.
What’s the worst part about your job?
think getting picked and prodded at, 24-7. Especially [during] show
season there are constantly brushes on your face and people pulling at
you, doing this and doing that. It’s just like: “Stop touching my face.
Stop pulling my hair.” I think sometimes call times can be a little bit
too early [in the morning. But I cannot complain. I’m very lucky.
What are you currently working on?
back for the David Jones Fashion Spring Summer Fashion Launch, which is
really exciting. It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s spring-summer,
which is my favourite time in dressing sense
What are some of the trends we’ll be seeing this spring/summer?

all [about] romantic florals – very soft and pretty – and lots of
coral. We are also going to be seeing a lot of “sport deluxe”, and
animal print is really in this season, but it’s much more on the
reptilian side, like crocodile and snake. So just try and stay away from
leopard – leave that in the cupboard! Also lots of crop tops and maxi
skirts and shift dresses, which I’m really excited for.
As a Youth Ambassador for David Jones, is there pressure on you to act in a certain way?
I think so. I don’t think it’s a pressure – I think it’s just more of, like, just leading by example.
You must have a lot of young fans.
do. It’s really exciting to have that young fan base and they’re a very
strong fan base. So it’s really exciting and they really get behind you
and they really do look up to you – like, they’re always on Instagram
and Twitter. You have so many girls coming up to you and say “I look up
to you”. It’s a really great feeling to have that.
What has been your biggest modelling highlight?
I think doing the shows overseas is really exciting… Walking for Givenchy was a lot of fun. 
Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
still modelling, still travelling around the world. Just keep on moving
forward, meeting new people. I don’t know. We have to wait and see.
Do you have a secret talent?
I play the violin. I’ve played the violin for 10 years.

Samantha Harris for Beauticate

Our beautiful Samantha Harris shares her favorite features, beauty secrets and reminisces on the start of her career….

My lips are my favourite feature

I was younger I wasn’t too keen on them because they were different,
but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love them.  It’s funny now
because everyone seems to want big lips – lucky for me! I don’t tend to
wear lipstick, rather I’ll just put on a little of Benefit’s Cha Cha Lip Tint or Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, which I carry with me everywhere.
I’m much more eyes over lips in terms of the makeup I wear. I really like those warm, bronze eye shadows. I have this Stila palette with all of these beautiful eye colours that I find work really well with my complexion. I curl my eyelashes with my MAC Cosmetics Eyelash Curler and I just got this new mascara by Benefit
that I’m really into also. I don’t generally like wearing mascara
because I walk out of the house with one massive eyelash when it all
clumps together, but I’ve found that my Benefit one doesn’t do that for
some reason.

I started modeling when I was 13

then I didn’t know much about makeup or how to apply it properly.  When
I turned 16 or 17 though I started getting the hang of it. I’ve learnt a
lot along the way by watching makeup artists do my makeup. I’m always
asking for little tips and tricks.
I like the look of peachy tones on my cheeks and have two cream blushes I swear by: Stila’s Convertible Colour in peony and Becca’s Beach Tint.
I kind of mix them together to make this super peach. I use the Stila
one on my lips sometimes too – it’s so versatile and fun to wear.
I love foundation. One of my favourites is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation with SPF15. It’s so sheer yet I can still build up the level of coverage if I need to. I use a pressed powder by MAC Cosmetics for touch ups throughout the day.

 Interview by Madeleine Boyd
 Photography by Jake Terrey 
Hair by Amanda Kowalevsky
Makeup by Filomena Natoli.

Street Style: Britt Nicholas

Today the beautiful Britt Nicholas stopped by for a quick catch up fresh in from New York. Looking gorgeous as always we had to snap this awesome street style that everybody loves.
Perth, Western Australia
Star Sign?
Favorite home cooked meal?
Coffee order?
Skim flat white (EXTRA HOT!)
Last thing you googeld?
Virgin Australia
Last big purchase was?
Reformation dress
Next big purchase will probably be?
A hoiday to Greece!
Favourtie model of all time?
Kate Moss
Best career memory to date?
Cover Girl
3 things that help you unwind after a long days work?
Music, Shower and candles!
Favourite emoji right now?

 Outfit details
Shoes: Converse
Headphones: Sony
Handbag: Micheal Kors
Jacket: Dolce Vita

Mondays with Eden

Our beautiful Eden Bristowe is a beauty that can definately cure any case of Monday-itis.
 Hailing from New Zealand, our bright eyed development sensation has a promising career ahead of her. We thought we’d catch up for a quick 5 minutes this Monday to talk all things Eden.
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Sum up NZ in 3
Cold, beautiful & green
Favourite thing
about home?
Everything is always fresh,
from the food to the crisp air
Dream Holiday
destination modelling has taken you to?
If you weren’t
modelling you’d be?
In school studying for my
When you think
about the modelling career ahead of you, what are some goals you’d kill to
One of the biggest dreams I
have is to travel the world working and hopefully becoming one of the largest
names to come from New Zealand.
What can’t you
get enough of right now?
The band ‘The 1975’, their
music is to die for!
3 mandatory
handbag essentials?
wallet, iPhone charger, make
Beauty secrets?
I wash my face every night
and always make sure my skin is hydrated, and mascara is a must have!
Favourite piece
of clothing?
My denim jacket!!
Next big
purchase will probably be?
A shopping spree!
Best advice
given to you was?
Good things will come back to
you if you have to suddenly leave them, they will always wait.
Favourite junk
Your coffee
order is?
Soy Latte
Favourite emoji
right now?

5 Minutes with Jemma Baines

Our Jemma Baines has come along way since winning the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search back in 2010.
She’s modeled for the likes of Chanel, Armani, Calvin Klein, Oscar De La Renta, Dion Lee, Valentino etc. etc. The list definitely continues with our home grown beauty who now resides in New York and is loving every minute of life as an in demand model.
We catch up with our rising star to learn a few things we didn’t already know… 
3 mandatory beside table objects?
Elle McPherson lingerie, Jo Malone Rosewater and Vanilla
Cologne and a alarm clock.
Favorite handbag right now?
Next holiday destination?
Borneo, Malaysia
Jemjellies or Cheddar
Secret beauty tip?
Its important that you use SPF everyday, the sun is so harsh
and I believe prevention is the best method.
How do you unwind after a long day’s work?
Laying on the lounge room floor talking to my girlfriends
with the Goo goo dolls playing the background.
Leather or denim?
Coffee or tea?
Blah! How about a milkshake..
Best advice?
Know more than you let on.

 Favorite emoji right now.

‘Our Muse’ Annabel Moore for The Iconic

Labelled as The Iconic‘s muse our gorgeous Annabel Moore stuns in their latest TVC for May 2014.
Learn why Annabel has been named The Iconics muse below…
What’s your hometown?
Sydney, born and raised.
How did you get into modelling?
Someone actually scouted me on Facebook, they asked
to meet me at the agency and the rest was history!
Outside of modelling, what do you get up to?
I’m studying journalism at uni, but when I’m not doing that
I like to go to festivals, go to markets, hang out with friends,
drink too much coffee, eat Japanese food and write!
Which celebrities inspire your style?
I wouldn’t really say I have a particular style, my wardrobe is pretty much
blues and blacks though, I love Erin Wasson’s style, I don’t like things too
overstated but it needs a bit of an edge and be a little bit grungy as well.
Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I want to be a writer and I want to live in Tokyo one day.
What was it like working on THE ICONIC shoot?
Lots of fun! I was very windswept working with
about 5 fans but it kept things interesting!
What are your fashion must-haves from THE ICONIC?
I love the Pink Stitch Carbon Skirt and I also wouldn’t
say no to the Maurie and Eve Breeze Dress.
What’s your go-to-winter piece?
A pair of black leather boots or a leather jacket,
they’ll literally never go out of fashion.

Holly Rose for i-D Australia in ‘The Rise Of Holly’

Our gorgeous Holly Rose talks to i-D Australia about being a regular New Zealand teenager, to one of the most in demand new faces of the moment.

New Zealanders grow up with such a relationship to the landscape, when you
travel overseas do you miss that connection to nature?

Holly Rose: It’s amazing that I never really thought about how much nature
influenced my life, but even not being able to see as many stars really affects
me. I do miss nature, when I go home it makes me enjoy everything so much more.
I never get sick of going up Mount Eden and spending hours just sitting in
nature and appreciating what Auckland has to offer

What are
your favourite things during summer in the city?

There are frozen yoghurt vans everywhere, and street stalls selling mangos.
There is nothing like fresh mango or a froyo to help with the very humid New
York summer 


What do
you want to be when you grow up?

I want to own a vineyard and winery with a five star restaurant on it and a
luxury resort down in the South Island of New Zealand somewhere. I would like
to be an author of a novel, be a baker and own a bakery, dabble in styling, and
I think that’s it for now. I have always been a pretty indecisive person, but
hey I’m a Gemini. 

Words: Wendy Syfret

Full interview here


Roberta Pecoraco on Fashion Weekend Sydney

Our stunner Roberta Pecoraco, as well as 15 other Chic models walked in 17 shows for  Fashion Weekend Sydney exclusively styled by Margaret Zhang. 
We thought we’d catch up with Roberta post manic backstage changes, numerous catwalk laps and in between show editorials to see what she thought of her weekend.
Sum up your fashion weekend in 3 words?
Energetic, inventive, chic
Describe your experience with being styled by and working closely with
Margaret Zhang?
Her personal wardrobe is
definitely one to obsess about! She’s so lovely and easy going and made fashion
weekend that much more enjoyable!
Between shows how did you and the Chic girls relax/prepare for the next?
All us chic girls became
really close over the four days, spending our breaks either roaming the food
markets, soaking up the sun, taking over the chic Instagram or even playing
On the runway, what’s going through your mind?
‘Dont fall!!!’ Haha
Best moment of the entire Fashion weekend?
We became quite inventive
after 17 shows and decide to pass the same bag around throughout a section of
the show. We all had a few laughs!

(Photo: Margaret Zhang)

5 Minutes with Jessica Gomes!

Our beauty Jessica Gomes is in Sydney! And it’s only human to catch up right? We have a quick chat with Jess about home cooked meals, Emojis & inside her handbag…

(Photo: Shinebythree)

One thing you look forward to when coming back to Australia? 
Seeing my agent Alexis Elliott and going to Fratelli for a bite to eat and
catch up! 
Describe LA in 3 words? 
Films, palm trees, celebrities! 
Last big purchase you made?

How do you unwind after a long day at work?
Have a hot bath
and meditate. 
3 must have-at-all-times handbag items? 
Bottle of water, lip
balm, iPhone. 
Favourite home cooked meal? 
Vegetable soup. 
Go to wardrobe item at the moment? 
Saint Laurent sneakers. 
Favorite Emoji right now?  

At Home With: Olivia Thornton

From being discovered in 2009 on the Gold Coast, walking runways in fashion capitals of the world & being photographed by fashion royalty, our Olivia Thornton has done a few things that your average 21year old hasn’t. 
So we decided to catch up with our beauty whilst she was at home (for a hot mintue) to learn more about the Olivia that’s described as “Witty, ambitious and a little bit weird”
(photographer: Romain Duquesne)
What was your first modelling job?
 My first paid job was a hair campaign I shot in Brisbane when I was 17. I still remember being like a deer in headlights on set, thankfully the photographer on the day, the incredibly talented Israel Rivera, was very encouraging. I still think he taught me almost everything I know now.
Who would you love to work with in this industry?
 I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve already worked with someone I admire (Hedi Slimane) but I’d love to work with Alexander Wang.
What’s your favourite place your job has taken you to?
 A couple of years ago I got to visit Florence in Italy for a job, which was absolutely breathtaking. Fortunately I had enough spare time to wander around the markets and the little backstreets, and along the canal! It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go so I feel so fortunate to have been able to do so.
The person whose style you wish you could steal?
 My style varies quite a bit so this is a tough one to answer! Some days I love to dress clean and chic a la Alexa Chung, others more grungey and undone like Daria Werbowy or Erin Wasson. However recently I did find myself taking an embarrassingly large number of fashion cues from the cast of Saved By The Bell…
What’s been your most memorable work moment to date?
 Being photographed by Hedi Slimane, walking for Saint Laurent and my continued work for the label over the past year has me feeling very lucky (and kinda cool)
What city is home away from home?
 Whenever I go to Paris I feel as though I’ve come home. I have some extremely close friends there and I’ve gotten to know the city really well. I feel super accomplished that I can now mostly get around on foot without a map.
Favourite home cooked meal?
 My Dad makes an awesome seafood pasta!
The one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
 I have a pair of the RM Williams boots that Dion Lee used in his show last year. I wear them all the time!
Last big purchase you made?
 Does an expensive naturopath and acupuncture session count?
Favourite song right now?
 I can’t narrow it down to one, but I’ve been listening to heaps of Thee Oh Sees and Mac DeMarco lately.
Ideal vacation destination?
 The Greek Islands, ever since I was about 13. Still haven’t made it there!
On a Friday night, where can we most likely find you?
 Depends which city I’m in! 
If I’m in Sydney, probably at a friends house or at a bar. If I’m in Paris, I’ll be at my favourite bar in the Marais with my dear French friends drinking whiskey. If I’m in New York, probably out for dinner or having a dinner party with friends!
Beach or poolside?
 Always beach. I need the ocean.
Favourite model right now?
 Sarah Pauley, only because she’s my best friend in the whole universe. And she’s incredibly beautiful, of course.
Brothers and sisters?
 22 year old sister, 19 year old brother. 
Coffee or tea?
 I want to say tea but I love a good coffee. Both?
Favourite spot in Sydney to eat out?
 I love Bar Indigo in Double Bay, Kawa on Crown St and Corelli’s in Newtown for breakfast; West Juliett in Marrickville, The Grounds in Alexandria and Watson’s Bay Hotel in Watson’s Bay for Lunch; and Sushi Suma and The Winery in Surry Hills for dinner. Amongst others! Too tough to narrow it down.
How do you keep fit?
 My primary mode of transport is my own two feet. I love few things more than getting around whichever beautiful city I’m in on foot, listening to music and taking in the sights. Apart from that I like to run, swim and do the occasional yoga class. I also eat lots of fruit and veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. And of course I treat myself occasionally!
How would your friends describe you?
 Energetic, witty, ambitious, and a little bit weird. 

FINALE DAY: 5 minutes with Cheyenne

Our amazing Cheyenne Tozzi has mentored her team of aspiring models through the first season of Fox8’s The Face Australia. Along side with international supermodel Naomi Campbell and Aussie model Nicole Trunfio, Cheyenne has mentored the series best new faces and with every finger crossed, we believe she’ll take home the win.
The day has come and the finale is finally here, who will win? 
We catch up with our star mentor for a quick 5 minute time out from her crazy schedule (which might we add has been going since before the sun came up this morning!)
What three words best sum up your experience as a mentor on The Face Australia?
– Exciting

Now that you’re close friends, cast your memory back to meeting Naomi Campbell for the first time, was she everything you imagined?
She was very charasmatic and charming – such a beautiful lady!

What’s your favourite place your job has taken you to?
Definately New York & I cant leave out Tahiti.

The person who’s style you wish you could steal?
 Kate Moss and Elle Ferguson’s!
If you could get another tattoo what would it be?
A peace sign… or a rabbit head!?


For live updates on tonights finale follow Cheyenne on Instgram here

Fridays with: Charissa D

Our South African beauty Charissa spills the beans on beauty tricks, favourite places and her undying love of Cape Town. Having just flown in from South Africa, we couldn’t help but learn more about this drop dead gorgeous beauty….

At the very start of your career, you left your life on your family’s farm and moved to Cape Town to pursue modelling.

What sparked your desire to get up and move to the big smoke?
I’ve always been an athlete, but a big injury made my plans change quickly. My dad suggested modelling and well before I knew it, it was time to leave and make my way alone for the first time to Cape Town. I always believed that hard work can take you anywhere, and I took a chance with modelling and it’s best decision I’ve ever made.

What do you love most about South Africa?
The country has an unexplainable energy that can only be described when visiting. Cape Town is where my happy place is. The scenery and the beautiful balance between ocean and mountains are perfect. The food is amazing and always fresh. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and if you surf like I do, you’ll quickly learn that even that is breathtaking. Most of all it’s the people. Like me, we are mostly Afrikaans and English speaking but Afrikaans is just an amazing language. Everyone is friendly and helpful and if South Africa is on your mind for your next trip don’t even hesitate. Head to Cape Town and you’ll see and experience my “happy-place”

What was your first modelling job?
My first job was for the Marie Claire South Africa. It was a main fashion editorial with the amazing photographer Richard Kapple smith. I loved everything about being behind the camera and right off the bat I was hooked and knew I would always love this amazing blessing we call modelling.

Who would you love to work with in this industry?
Bruce Weber

What’s your favourite place your job has taken you to?
The Maldives

What city is home away from home?
The one and only Cape Town

Is this your first time in Sydney?

You’ve got drop dead gorgeous skin – Any tips and tricks?
Thank you, but I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer when I go out,  I never tan( I have a very dark skin that tans very easily) and my secret at night is I use bio-oil. Amazing product.

The one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
My TopShop boots.

Favourite song right now?
Die heuwels fantasties- buitenste ruim (South African Afrikaans song)

Ideal vacation destination?

Chocolate or ice cream?
Chocolate ice-cream lol 😉

Coffee or Tea?

Denim or leather?


The Girl Behind The Riot: Ollie Henderson

We catch up with our Ollie Henderson, the brains behind her latest movement #StartThe Riot

 Ollie distributed her first 100 Tee’s to models, fashionista’s and photographer’s in the know during this year’s MBFWA

The first injection of her home made DIY Tees on the streets caught the eyes of everybody from Vogue to Oyster and every street snapper in between. 

From the countless interviews on the interweb about the movement, everybody’s well aware the Riot has begun and it’s travelling full steam ahead. With exciting plans on the horizon we thought we’d catch up with the ‘it’ girl herself to learn a few things about her that we didn’t already know….

Your hometown is… 
Creswick, Victoria. A small (1 traffic light) town 2 hours from Melbourne.
But you spend most of your days in…
Between NY, London and Sydney.
The one item of clothing you can’t live without?
My goggles. I collect them, mostly cyberpunk ones. I feel like they give me a power up when I wear them.
You collect and love vintage goggles, where and how did this love start?
I think it was born from an obsession with Tank Girl.
How would you describe your personal style?
Space Punk
My go to fragrance is..
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather… dreamy
I’m inspired by…
It’s hard to pin point where inspiration comes from. It’s can be anything. Yesterday I was chatting to my pal Myf about eclipses whilst trying to watch one and failing due to the clouds. Out of this moment I conceived the narrative for a film I’m making later in the year about desperation and desire. So where did the inspiration come from? My friend? The Park? The Sun? The words we spoke? I think it’s everything.
My guilty pleasure is…
One should never feel guilty for seeking pleasure.
In 5 years time I see myself..
Who knows
Favourite place your job has taken you to…
Bones Aries, Argentina.
The dream photographer you’d kill to work with is..
Nan Goldin
Favourite person in the industry right now is..
Myf Sheppard. She came to stay with me for a month and I have just now come back from dropping her at the airport. It’s a sad day, but I’ll see her again in two weeks when I’m back in NY.
Favourite lunch spot in Sydney?
Yullies. Nice courtyard out the back.
Biggest purchase to date is?
I bought a houseboat in London.
Next big purchase will probably be?
I have just started a new business venture, House of Riot. So I’m sure I will have many big purchases ahead.
What’s the next step for your Start The Riot movement?
I’m making another round of t-shirts which will be available in a couple of weeks and preparing for the next Zine.
Is there anywhere online we can get my hands on a T shirt or are they made to order? They will be up in a couple of weeks. You can keep updated on the Facebook Page
Who’s your ultimate celebrity dream boat you’d love to see sporting your Tee’s?
Tony Abbot
Cook at home or eat out?
Eat out at home? (Sorry I couldn’t help myself)
Denim or leather?
Tea or coffee?

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Front Row Suit model of the week: Hugh Vidler

Name: Hugh Vidler
Agency: Chic
Home Town: Sydney
Star Sign: Gemini
Your best subject at school/uni: Physics.
On schoolies you partied at: Byron Bay.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I’ll be cliché and say I don’t want to grow up but that’s just because I have no Idea what I want to be. I’m studying Nanotechnology at uni and I’m really interested in art. It would be cool to do something involving both.
Where are you right now: Home, I just got back from a 7000km roadtrip to the top of Australia.
Where would you rather be: I’m content. I’m just happy I’m not sleeping in a tent tonight.
How did you get started in modeling: A friend kind of made me.
Your most memorable job: This is hard so I’m going to narrow it down to this year haha. I did a job for Luisa Via Roma. I got to stay in a hotel in the centre of Paris for a week, we drove from showroom to showroom each day. it was like a weird fashion tour of Paris and I just tried on a lot of really expensive clothes each day. That was cool.
The city you would get into the most trouble: Al-Qusayr?
You would spend your last $100 on: I’d buy as many of those mars bars where you have a chance at winning more mars bars as I can.
You are currently listening to: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
Tomorrow you would like to wake up as: David Byrne 30 years ago
You are: 51% home boy, 49% party boy.
Do you social media: I (kind of) have instagram @onlyhughman but I’m in a constant state of breaking/losing phones.
If you weren’t modelling you would be: Studying Science full time.
Top 3 music festivals of all time: I would love to go to Burning man, Coachella and Oyafestivalin.
You are currently obsessed with: Plato and philosophy. I feel like a prick but a semi-enlightened prick.
Top 3 words you love to use: Words I love to use quickly become words I try to stop using. I like words (although I don’t use them) that don’t have English translations like schadenfreude which is to take delight in other’s misfortune in German.
On a regular weekend, we will find you: Hanging out with friends, climbing cliffs, sleeping.
The latest addition to your wardrobe: I bought a Vanishing Elephant jacket.
You are currently watching: I’m about to watch ‘The Master’, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman are both in it, it can’t be bad.
Signature drink: I’m not picky
Signature scent: Givenchy Pi, But I just read in a book by John Waters’ that Rei Kawakubo doesn’t believe in scents for men so now i want to change to Comme des Garcon Odeur 71, which is described as “The ultimate anti-perfume”, inspired by dust on a hot lightbulb, bamboo, metal, electricity and lettuce juice. She’s a genius haha.
You are dying to go to: Iceland
And finally, something people don’t know about you: I’m not Asian.