Samuel Barrie for I-D Magazine by Hannah Scott Stevenson – Read Interview

‘Beautiful Boys Talking Beautiful Things.’

Chic Men’s Samuel Barrie talks the beautiful world with I-D Magazine.

“What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I’m normally not an ‘absolute’ person, but if I was to say the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen it’d be the way a person’s eyes twinkle when they talk about something they’re truly passionate about. It just makes me hungry to fight more for what I love.”

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Styled by Charlotte Agnew

Makeup by Gillian Campbell

Hair by Taylor James Redman

Rachel Rutt features on I-D Magazine online for Heart People’s new music video ‘Voices,’ a ‘hazy, strobe-lit fashion film noir.’



Rachel Rutt’s new music video ‘Voices’ recently launched on I-D Magazine online. The multifaceted film directed by Byron Spencer consists of a mix of light, dance music, fashion and film. See full article here.

Heart People’s EP is also on presale now at



Full Music Video | ‘Voices’

Directed by : Byron Spencer

Valentina Sykes in Favourite Faces for i-D Australia

Our Valentina Sykes features in i-D Australia‘s latest write up on Feel The Futures Favorite Faces.

One of the first faces we ever worked with, we’ve grown up with Vee. Her
dimples are super kawaii and her lush hair and immaculate complexion
are a walking advert for raw veganism and a tonne of Bikram yoga. She’s
the closest thing we’ve got to an F.T.F muse/mascot. –
Gibson Fox (Feel The Future)

Photography: Gibson Fox (FEELTHEFUTURE)
Fashion: Renee Warne (FEELTHEFUTURE)
Hair: Constance Bowles / Kyye Reed

Holly Rose for i-D Australia in ‘The Rise Of Holly’

Our gorgeous Holly Rose talks to i-D Australia about being a regular New Zealand teenager, to one of the most in demand new faces of the moment.

New Zealanders grow up with such a relationship to the landscape, when you
travel overseas do you miss that connection to nature?

Holly Rose: It’s amazing that I never really thought about how much nature
influenced my life, but even not being able to see as many stars really affects
me. I do miss nature, when I go home it makes me enjoy everything so much more.
I never get sick of going up Mount Eden and spending hours just sitting in
nature and appreciating what Auckland has to offer

What are
your favourite things during summer in the city?

There are frozen yoghurt vans everywhere, and street stalls selling mangos.
There is nothing like fresh mango or a froyo to help with the very humid New
York summer 


What do
you want to be when you grow up?

I want to own a vineyard and winery with a five star restaurant on it and a
luxury resort down in the South Island of New Zealand somewhere. I would like
to be an author of a novel, be a baker and own a bakery, dabble in styling, and
I think that’s it for now. I have always been a pretty indecisive person, but
hey I’m a Gemini. 

Words: Wendy Syfret

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