Brooke Durrant and Holly Watson Recap Bec and Bridge Resort 2018 – Watch

Chic models Brooke Durrant and Holly Watson recap their week of Mercedes Benz Fashion week.



Brooke Durrant – Bec and Bridge Resort 2018


How has your fashion week been this year in comparison to the previous years?

Fashion week gets easier every year! Of course there’s the chaos with running from show to show and the early mornings and late nights but each year you just learn to take more and more good from it. I had an amazing fashion week this year! Busy and surrounded by friends and familiar faces 🙂


Do you have any defining moments from the Bec and Bridge show/ what were you wearing?

Ah yes!!! That show was everythingggg! I was wearing their sexy red hide pants with the pink ‘meow meow’ tee. I need that outfit in my wardrobe ASAP! Leading the finale was definitely a defining moment of the night! Their tracks were fire and I think all the girls loved what they were wearing so it was a killer show!


What’s your favourite thing about doing runway?

The chaos hahaha! No I really love the fast pace of it! The excitement before you hit the runway, the crazy quick changes running around like a mad hen then acting cool calm and collected on the actual runway! It’s also so exciting to bring a designers vision and story to life! Become the character they have worked so hard to create! Seeing their faces at the end of the show is like the groom watching his bride walk up the aisle.


How did you relax after such a huge week!?

I don’t think I left my bed for 24 hours a million fruit juices and face masks! And sleeeeep hahaha


Holly Watson – Bec and Bridge Resort 2018

This is your first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week so far, how has it been? 

It has been incredible. Runway is definitely a strong love of mine so being a part of this is such a humbling and rewarding experience. Here’s to many more!

What’s the atmosphere been like? 

The atmosphere is definitely more laid back than I thought it would be. Backstage is a whirlwind of excitement and silliness amongst the models.

What did you love about the Bec and Bridge show and what’s one item you would like to be wearing from the collection this summer Resort 2018? 

The Bec and Bridge show was stunning. The catwalk was impressive and the walk was fierce. I loved the dress Eden was in actually! It was a blue and white polkadot dress and it would definitely hang happily in my wardrobe. I adore the cut and colour and I’m a sucker for a simple dress to just throw on because honestly I can’t plan out an outfit to save my life.

   Roberta Pecoraro backstage at Bec and Bridge Resort 2018


 Avril Alexander backstage at Bec and Bridge Resort 2018



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