Amy Pejkovic talks fitness with ELLE Australia

Our beauty and not to mention Australian high-jump champion Amy Pejkovic shares her
secrets with ELLE Australia on how she keeps fit, with 9 training sessions a week this secret is one we don’t want to miss… 


How do you like to keep fit?
Being an athlete I train several times a week, including double
sessions. I’ll wake up early and do a gym session then head to the track
that afternoon.  
What does your daily exercise routine involve?
It defiantly varies from day to day; a track session may consist of
running, then the next day it can be plyometrics [jump training], high
jump technical sessions, gym sessions and Pilates. It all depends on
what my coach has programmed for me.  
What’s the best way to motivate yourself?
Picture your goal every single day. I have 1.9 meters and 2.10 meters, which is the world record, measured on the wall in my room. It’s
a daily reminder of what I’m working towards. 

And your favourite smoothie recipe?
To be honest I don’t really have a favourite. But there always has to be bananas and blueberries mixed into it.  
Best snack to keep you energised?
Apples and bananas, or if I’m feeling spontaneous during the day I
will cook up porridge, regardless of the fact I have it every day for
breakfast. I mix in banana and mixed berries with cinnamon and honey. 
What is the one thing you never fail to do for your body?
Get enough sleep. Sleep is extremely crucial for an athlete, or for
any person in fact. Having such long days with training in the morning,
shooting during the day, then training in the evening can take its toll
on your body. I generally try and take a twenty-minute power nap during
the day – that’s all your body needs to keep functioning. 

Nicole Pollard for ELLE Australia July Issue

Our Nicole Pollard looking gorgeous (as always) for Elle Australia’s latest issue.
Shot by the talented Georges Antoni, capturing Nicole in the Aussie outback looking divine amongst the dirt bike chaos.
 Photographer: Georges Antoni
Make-up: Nicole Thompson