5 Minutes with Ksenija Lukich

Our divine Ksenija Lukich has had a life changing month. 
Being crowned the E! News Australia’s host after battling it out against thousands of applicants from across Australia. It’s safe to say she deserves her title and we couldn’t be happier for her recent success!… We’re so excited to watch Ksenija take over the world, so it would only be fitting for us to catch up with her and learn about Ksenija’s world.

So, you’ve recently had a career/life
somersault. You’ve gone from being an Aussie working model to being crowned E! Australia’s
If you can put it into words, how would you describe your life right now?

crazy! I cant believe that only 2 months ago I was modeling and now my life has
completely changed. Its been a marvelously humbling, wonderful experience. I
feel so unbelievably lucky.

   Safe to say it’s a big change you’ve gone through, what’s the best
advice you’ve received since and who was it from?

a very simple piece of advice but it’s “be yourself” that has been one that’s
really stuck with me. Giuliana Rancic told me that the first time I met

 Aside from being mentored by Guiliana herself, You’ve also recently interviewed Jean Paul
Guiltier and Kelly Osborne whilst they’ve been in the country. How do you
prepare/plan for these big interviews?

of research. I have been constructing the interviews myself with the help of a
coach and producer. Its been a lot of preparation over the last month. I think
if you know your subject you are going to feel more confident. 

How do you overcome nerves/fan girl moments
before these interviews?

have a big thing for Disney. Singing and listening to my favourite movie songs
relaxes me. I suppose I get a little nostalgic and it helps to get me in a good head space. 

What’s your biggest fear being the interviewer
with these big celebs?

someone will be completely unresponsive to my questions and I’ll freeze up. But
so far so good. I guess that’s why you always need to be prepared.

 Now for the cliché questions…Who (if it hasn’t
already happened) would be your dream celeb to interview?

would just love to interview Jennifer Lawrence because she seems like such a
cool chick. Also Meryl Streep, because of how iconic she is in Hollywood. Both
are exceptional actresses too!
(photo source: Daily Telegraph)

Celeb crush? 

 Favourite city in the world?

York baby

Looking back, what did you love about

great people I met and the flexibility to work all over the world

 …and what did you find challenging about it?

Modeling is up and down, so
managing that lifestyle was sometimes tricky 

 What does a Saturday in the life of Ksenija
look like?

up slowly, brunch with a strong coffee, walking around the shops, afternoon
relaxing on the couch. Then wine and dinner with friends.

Favourite Sydney dinner spot?

and wine at 121 BC in Surry Hills. Its the perfect date spot.

What are you looking forward to in the year

2015 awards season. E! is the home of the Red Carpet so I’m so excited to have
the opportunity to be a part of it next year. Its been a dream of mine to go to
the Oscars. 

Next big purchase for yourself?

pair of black Louboutin pumps. Every girl needs a pair!

Go to shopping destination in Sydney?

Intersection in Paddington. Best Australian designers all in one spot!

Favourite Emoji right now?
 (words/photos: sami sloane)

Introducing Our Very Own… Ksenija Lukich!

We are absolutely over the moon for our beauty Ksenija Lukich the newest addition to E! News Australia Team.
Winning the title as the head presenter and selected out of thousands of applicants Ksenija has stolen the hearts of the E! News teams worldwide and will now be taking over as the Australian head reporter.
We are so proud of you Ksenija & couldn’t be happier with this amazing success!