Roberta Pecoraro for AJE November/December Campaign!

Our Roberta is everywhere & we’re LOVING it, just recently she shot the AJE November & December Campaigns. Being their muse, Aje sat down with Roberta to get to know her a little more… Be prepared to fall in love with her as you read the below….

With her quintessential Italian beauty and laid back Aussie charm we take a moment with model muse, Roberta Pecoraro, and get to know the girl behind the face. Family orientated and music mad, the laid back beauty shares her most loved possessions, love of coconut oil and what exciting things are on the horizon. 

Where were you scouted? 

I was scouted 3 years ago at Fashion Weekend by Chic at their scouting booth they have there each year.

What exciting things are on the horizon? 

This coming January my boyfriend and I have booked a little trip to Tokyo. I’m super excited about traveling to a country with such a culture difference. It’ll also be winter over there so I’ll finally get to see snow!

What do you like most about Australian style? 

The best thing about Australian style is how easy and casual day to day outfits can be. I love how sneakers have become a huge part of today’s fashion.

Last band you saw? 

I can’t remember the last band I saw but I did go see Chet faker at the opera house not long ago. He would have to be my favourite artist, hands down!

What five favourite pieces in your wardrobe? 

  1. Black vintage Versace high wasted jeans
  2. Stansmith x ADIDAS sneakers
  3. Celine over the should handbag
  4. Customised Levi’s denim jacket
  5. Crisp white shirt

Do you collect anything? 

My boyfriend tends to surprise me with deliveries of roses, where he always writes a cute little message. I’ve kept every single message from when we first started dating.

Best weird and wonderful Summertime beauty tip? 

Coconut oil! It can be used for so many different purposes. To moisturise your body, it’s a natural and healthy product you can put in your hair, I also wear it as lip balm sometimes. It smells amazing too, so you can’t really go wrong!

How would you describe your stye? 

I feel like my style changes day by day, it all depends on what mood I’m in. However I do feel like the majority of the time my style is quite tomboy…. ‘girl meets boy’

Most aspirational person/people? 

My older sister. She is such a hard worker and through that has been so successful. As we have become older she has become my best friend, I can always count on her to be there for me.

Most treasured item? 

A necklace my nonna has passed down to me. My nonna means the world to me and I wear this necklace everyday.

Favourite travel destination past and future? 

Paris!! The last time I was there I was with my sister and we spent 5 weeks there. What’s not to love about the food, the characteristic streets, the shopping and the people are so lovely!

Who would be your top three people to invite to a dinner party? 

It would have to be my boyfriend, my sister and her fiancé! They’re all big foodies who love a good feast. Never a dull moment when we get together.

What are you reading now? 

‘Hippies in the city’ – all about living a holistic lifestyle.

Films that have inspired you?

I fell in love with the documentary ‘Dior and I’ it allows you to understand all the work and creativity that is involved in the art of couture. I hope to one day get the chance to walk in a show like Dior!

Meet The Model: Otis Carey

Chic Mens Division’s Otis Carey catches up with the General Pants Co family on set shooting the latest Insight Mens range, read below to see what they caught up on…


SHOOTING WITH GP WAS… Relaxing, fun and cruisy.

I’M HAPPIEST WHEN… I get to surf fun waves all day and come home to family.

MY FAVE PLACE IN THE WORLD IS… Coffs Harbour or Wreck Bay.

TO ME, SUMMER MEANS… Warm water, cold fruit, sweaty jeans and family picnics at the beach.

THE LAST SONG I LISTENED TO ON MY IPOD WAS… Blinking Pigs by Little Dragon.

MY WORST HABIT IS… Biting my nails while watching movies.

I JUST ATE… A hotdog and god damn it was tasty!



Recently, 6 of Chic Developments freshest faces Sedona, Ashleigh, Lilli, Bonni, Rhian & Jacqueline all completed our Chic ‪#‎TrainingDay‬! a HUGE thank you to industry heavy weights Emily Abay, Transform Health, Bassike, Danielle Butcher, The Daily Telegraph & The Front Studios who made the day a total success! We hope you enjoy the amazing shots below & our official Chic Training Day movie which you can in HD below!



Watch the official #TrainingDay video in HD below 


Lydia Collins for Wittner SS15 Campaign!

We;re loving our Lydia Collins for the latest Wittner Shoes Campaign ‘Work / Play

Who are your style muses?
I don’t really follow bloggers, but I’m inspired by my friends like Catherine McNeil and Ollie Henderson, or my mum!
What does your everyday uniform look like?
My uniform consists of a pair of jeans, trusty sneakers, a basic shirt and I love a good tailored jacket.
How would you describe your style in three words?
Comfy, eclectic, tomboy.
Complete this sentence: I recently splurged on…
Buying a car!
Tell us how you got discovered. What was the turning point in your career?
I was discovered when I was 17 on the way to my job at a pizzeria. My
career officially started after I did Givenchy exclusive a few years
Your favourite city in the world?
Paris, but NYC comes a close second!
When you’re not in front of the lens strutting your stuff, where would we find you?
Probably at home chilling with my friends and family. I’m such a homebody!
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 Watch all the behind the scenes action from the shoot day below….

BTS: Samantha Harris in Uluru for The Tjungu Festival & Royal Tour

Samantha Harris recently travelled to Uluru for her involvement in the Tjungu Indigenous Festival. At the festival Samantha showcased the fashion parade as well as mentored all models involved.
From seeing the sights of Uluru, to being front row for the Royal visit, as well as starring on the Today Show with Carl Stefanovic & Lisa Wilkinson, Samantha had an unbelievable week to remember.
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