Angus Low for Front Row Suit

Name: Angus Low
Agency: Chic (Sydney), 2morrow models (Milan), Bananas (Paris), Next (NYC and London), Image (Japan), Viva models (Berlin), UNO models (Barcelona)
Place of birth: Sydney
Star sign: Taurus
Where are you right now: Sun Studios Sydney, shooting for “Style Me Romy”
How did you get started in modeling: I was scouted in Sydney whilst on a lunch date with my dearest grandmother
Your best job: Lanvin campaign shot in New York with Steven Meisel, and probably my first show which was Prada! Ooo also did a show for Vivienne Westwood in Japan which was pretty much anything goes! Was wild and a lot of fun.
Do your friends pay you out for being a model: Occasionally! However, most of the time they are just a wee bit jealous of the erratic nature of my travels!
Most awkward thing you have had to do on the job: A dinner party with reptiles
Does your mum collect photos of you: Yes!! She tends to stalk all the blogs
If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing: Currently attempting to enter into the wonderful world of medicine! However I love music and would love to get back to playing in a band! Would also like to create my own range of clothes, get my pilots license
Coolest photographer you have worked with: Steven Meisel
Most hilarious piece of clothing you have had to wear: Nothing too unusual in terms of outfits, however I was presented with a lovely skin coloured g-string for a Gucci show..
The latest edition to your wardrobe: Pair of old baggy Levi’s
We will never see you wearing: A Billabong shirt
The most treasured item in your wardrobe: My leather jacket, has traveled the world with me!
Signature scent: YSL L’Homme
Signature drink: Pimms, soda water, lime and cucumber
Fav film: Lord of the Rings
Currently listening to: Tom Waits – Jockey full of Bourbon
Fav holiday destination: Noosa
To play yourself in a movie: Denzel Washington because he is just an epic actor.. However as I am a skinny, white, nerdy type with peculiar humour, I’d say Adam Brody would be a good fit!
Something people don’t know about you: I am a physiotherapist and I used to play in a post hardcore band called “the dream the chase”
Interview by Liam McKessar