5 Minutes with:

One of our internationals in town right now is the lovely Alexis Ren… We thought we’d catch up with her to see if we knew all about this Californian beauty, turns out we learnt more than 1 fact about this bright eyed bubbly American sweetheart!
In 3 words how would your friends describe
 Vibrant courageous compassionate
Favorite time of the year & Why?
I love the Summer…Everyone has rosy
cheeks and smiles from ear to ear. It can’t be beat.
Star Sign?
I’m a Sagittarius.
Santa Monica, CA.
 When the weather is amazing we can find
At the beach with a book or in the water
with a smile.
When it’s not so amazing you will be…
Curled up in bed with tea working or in
yoga class– hoping the sun will come out and play!
First thing you do in the morning?
Usually in LA I get up and get some coffee
then head to yoga. But here in Bondi beach I’ve been doing morning swims and
runs. It’s so magical.
Favorite breakfast?
Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and
coffee, please.
If you could only pick one hobbie to do for
the rest of your life what would it be?

Bed side table must haves…
Almonds, perfume, and a book.
Favorite song right now?
These Eyes- Tora
Dream dinner party of you and 4 celebrities
(dead or alive) would involve?
1. Johnny Depp
2. Candice Swanepoel
3. Mila Kunis
4. Robert Downey Jr.
Celebrity crush?
Johnny Depp
What has been your biggest accomplishment
to date?
There has been so many amazing
accomplishments that I’m  grateful for. I couldn’t choose just one. I’m
very happy where I am in life and I’m excited to see where else it takes me.
When you’re in front of the camera what’s
going through your mind?
Whatever emotion the photographer wants is
usually what’s going through my mind. I don’t usually think of specific
things-mostly feelings.
Which photographer would you be honored to
work with?
Russell James.
How do you stay connected with your fans?
For the last year it’s been pretty much
through the internet/social media, but this year I want to change that. I want
to be more involved– I want to give back what they gave me. I have a few
What’s something we don’t know about you?
I was home schooled my entire life. I’ve
never been in a classroom.
Is Sydney everything you thought it would
Everything and more! I never thought I
would feel so at home in a place so far away from my actual home. I’m going to
miss Sydney, and cherish the memories I made here. I’ll definitely be back