Oyster Magazine’s beauty one-on-one with Montana Cox

“Whether your in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, you gots ta have a beauty routine. Model of the moment Montana Cox shares her beauty tips, for all seasons”.

 Winter makes me…. Question where the ducks go?
Summer means… Freckles, road trips, tan lines, white linen and anything to do with coconut.
Any summer hair tricks? 
Moroccan oil for those dry ends and let your hair down! Embrace the lightened salt water wavy locks.
Best thing about winter in New York is… Snow. Its so magical in New York. Winter and getting rugged up and planning for the festive season is one of my favourite things
Favourite summer destination: 
Greek Islands. 
Winter drink of choice: 
Hot Toddy always!
The hottest I have ever been is….Dubai 49 degrees may take the cake
The coldest I have ever been is….You can’t really beat the chill New York in February..I’m getting nervous just thinking about it.
Shop Montana’s best winter buys here:
Paw Paw cream. It’s a given.
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, for some winter reads.
Shop Montana’s best summer buys here:
Scented Candle…anything Coconut Vanilla or Lime
The Field’s Cupids Head.. is currently competing to be my summer album

Photographer: Alexandra Nataf
Stylist: Ilona Hamer
source: Oystermag.com