Sexy swimwear: insider secrets from Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes knows all about looking good in a bikini: she’s appeared in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated four times. Here, she shares her top tips.
Brush and exfoliate!
“The most important thing for me is to make sure my skin is glowing and healthy. I use a dry brush all over my body before I exfoliate. It removes dead skin cells and helps my new skin cells grow. This makes my skin feel smooth and fresh and prepares it for moisturising.”
Get sexy beach hair!
“There’s something about swimming in sea water that can make your hair look great, but only if you have the right product. 
“I use products that give my hair that shaggy beachy look which I can take straight from a day on the sand to going out with friends at night.” 
Be sun safe!
“I use a sunscreen with a high SPF all over my body. But I’m particularly careful with my face as a red, sunburnt and peeling nose never looks attractive. Big straw hats are back in fashion. Not only do they look really fabulous, but they give your face that extra protection. I always take a hat or visor to the beach with me.”
Go faux!
“A summer body looks its best when it’s dewy and moisturised. There are lots of products on the market that can help you achieve that look without having to bake your body. I like to use a cream bronzer on my cheeks − I blend pinky tones with more bronze shades − as it enhances that healthy, dewy summer glow as well as providing cheek definition.”
Cover up!
“One-piece swimsuits have had a big comeback this season and they can look so sexy and feminine. Don’t put pressure on yourself to jump straight into a bikini for that first visit to the beach; stick your toe into the summer water in a one-piece swimsuit.
“You don’t have to expose your body all at once either. The kaftans and sarongs available are just stunning, plus they’re also very much on-trend, on the beach and off.”