Watch – Roberta Pecoraro & Rachel Rutt talk fashion week & walking for Dion Lee’s Resort 2018 Collection


Roberta Pecoraro – Dion Lee Resort 2018  

What has been your favourite shows this year?

They were all amazing but my favourite shows would have to be Dion Lee, Sass and Bide and Kitx definitely, as they had a really good vibe to all of them.

How was walking for Dion Lee?
Dion Lee was amazing!! I got to open it which was an honour and such a privilege to open up to the whole of fashion week which is crazy, and Dion is such a lovely man to work with, he’s such a hard worker he really puts his time and effort into everything he does and it really shows on the runway. It was a lot of fun… it was good!

What were your favourite looks from the week?
There was so many looks! The one that really stands out… would probably be my sequins dress from Sass and Bide, it was insane, I felt like a goddess. The colours and everything, it was so cool.

What have you been wearing this week two and from shows?

I usually wear what is comfortable. It’s been quite chilly, so keeping warm as well. I haven’t really put too much thought into all my outfits, but it has to be comfortable cause your in them all day.

Rachel Rutt – Dion Lee Resort 2018 

How was walking for Dion Lee at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week after first walking for him back in 2009?

It was the loveliest thing. You forget sometimes how these wonderful relationships creep up on you… someone that you met at such a tender, vulnerable age is now your friend for life… and you have had the privilege to know them, work and grow with them, and they’re a superstar. It was really sentimental and I felt incredibly honoured remembering all the wonderful shows we have done together.

What were you wearing and or what did you love about the collection?

I wore some beautiful raffia knitwear in red. Of course, I LOVE knitwear, and I appreciated how innovative it was with the fibre being paper-like. What I loved about this collection, and every collection of Dion’s, is that there has always such a structured and sculptural core. Everything feels skeletal yet rich at the same time. It’s also so amazing doing shows at the Opera House. This one really topped them all being outdoors, and just after the rain, with that glorious sunset and the jampacked audience.

What’s your favourite thing about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in comparison to other fashion shows? 

Other than being in Dion’s show, I had actually decided to sit this year out of fashion week, as I wanted to take a step back from my “model” image and bring more focus to what I have been doing in music for this year. I was invited to watch several of my favourite brand’s shows, including Romance Was Born, and it really just took my appreciation for shows to the next level. Of course, it’s so wonderful to be a part of the excitement and the energy, but this year I got to really appreciate what I have been lucky enough to play a part in for so long: showcasing an artist’s work.



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