Rachel Rutt gets ‘TONAL’ for Nobody Denim Spring 2012 campaign

Oyster ‘chatted with Rachel about the perfect pair of jeans and the magic of green screens!’

Did you have fun making the video?
Rachel Rutt: Well, I’ve never worked with a green screen before. That was new. I always remember the Seek ad when I think of green screens. The guy who has all the little neon balls attached to his body. It was cool to be like him for a day.
What makes the perfect pair of jeans?
You can tell when someone is at ease in their jeans. That’s perfect. It’s not a particular style, it’s the way they wear them.
Double denim: hell yeah or hell no?
Go triple.
What’s your favourite piece in Nobody’s ‘Tonal’ collection?
The sleeveless shirts. They remind me of my utility vest, which is very sexy.
source: oystermag.com
You can shop the ‘TONAL’ collection now!