O R G A N I C A by Amy Finlayson

We couldn’t be happier for our Amy Finlayson and everything she’s achieved.
This week ORGANICA was presented at Luxe Studios and the results have been fantastic for our Amy….
“ ‘Organica’
for me is a natural transformation. This transformation happens both to the
images, through a kind of self-appropriation, and in my own life as I start to
move onto new chapters. This is the blossoming, fluid, organic way of
life-moving and changing – not always beautiful but certainly intriguing.”
RUSSH chats to artist, model and muse, Amy Finlayson, about her latest
collaboration with photographer Mick Bruzzese.
prompted the collaboration with Mick on Organica and what inspired the projects
approached me a while ago and floated the idea of collaborating on a project.
Through many (many) emails, sharing references and ideas, we came to this amazing
floral inspired theme that was organic and beautiful yet still edgy and
interesting. Shoots however have a way of doing their own thing, you can
meticulously plan something but ultimately in art (and life) you have to let go
and watch it unfold.
How did
you approach each of the works? Were they something that happened spontaneously
or was it all quite premeditated?
I mapped
the works out on A4 paper before, but transferring that idea to a giant work
was not as easy as I was hoping for. Ultimately there are “no mistakes in art”
so I just had to roll with a few things. I tried to have a rough idea of what I
was going to do first, then it was up to my mood that day and what was playing
on my iPod!
What’s great about working with Mick and what
do you love about his style of photography?
understands that creative process – that’s really the best thing about working
with another artist. He also sees captures moments that I never thought about,
and that is the role of an artist: “to make you aware of the things you
don’t see.” He has a very special eye. Very special.
are you inspired by artistically?
and anything. Spills on the pavement, smoke rings, pictures on Instagram,
nature, life, mess, order. It all has a place in my mind. 
What kind
of creative project would you like to be involved in next?
Well my
scarf line launches soon which is exciting, but in the long run I would like to
open my own space, not a regular gallery, something with a bit more depth. I’m
surrounded by this amazing generation of super-creatives and I want to help
them and show the world their talents. That is the next, colourful step.
Words – Anna Harrison