Montana Cox for Beauticate

Our gorgeous Montana sat down with Beauticate recently to discuss all things beauty.
And if you’ve ever wondered ‘How does she do it?…’ you’re about to find out in this tell all interview….
“There are always pressures to be a certain
kind of thing when you’re a model”
You go
through stages in modelling because you get in a situation where you’re like
“why don’t they want me?” but you’ve just got to learn, because another person
might love you. That’s the thing about business, not to take it
personally. It’s all about staying positive. Being away from your family
is a hard thing. You have to just focus on yourself. Modeling definitely
opens up a lot of doors. I like how it’s always changing and the spontaneity of
it, “oh you’re going out here” or “you’re flying out here tomorrow.” I’ve been
shooting a lot. It’s amazing to work with really talented people. I’ve
been sent some scripts but I don’t know… It’s something I’d definitely like to
do. I do like presenting it’s a natural thing to go into that, and then maybe
head down an acting alley.
Fashion Week is pretty crazy
The last
one I did was pretty cool, [it was] Givenchy. It’s cool when
you’re backstage and Kanye is there and you’re like ‘oh my God!’ It’s really
exciting; it’s a big build up towards that whole thing too. It’s quite a
difficult selection. And it’s cut throat. You’re running everywhere in heels.
Everyone’s got cars in Paris because that’s pretty much the only way you can
get to every casting. It’s literally like sprinting and jumping; they’re
speeding around town. It’s so insane; it’s like thirty castings a day. It’s
like nothing you’ve ever dreamed of. You’re running on a lot of adrenaline. You
do have to keep up your energy and eat, but a lot of the time you don’t have
time –it’s so intense. It’s good nerves, butterfly nerves And when you get out
on the runway you can’t see anything, it’s just 
flashing lights. It’s a really
cool feeling.
My mum is a hair and makeup artist
I grew up
in her bathroom watching her do her thing. So beauty has always been a thing.
It was handy if I was ever going anywhere then I’d be like “mum, do my makeup!”
Whenever we had things my friends would come over and ask, “can your mum do my
makeup?” And I guess that’s why I like having plain makeup, because I’ve been
around it so much, it’s nice to have a break. I like to have just a little bit
of concealer; I’m not a fan of lip-gloss or anything. I like really natural and
fresh. A curl of the lashes, mascara, little bit of bronzer and that’s about
it. I put moisturizer on in the morning and then curl my lashes. I like long,
skinny lashes I don’t like full lashes. I put a bit of Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate
on to contour on the sides [of my cheeks], the highlighter just down the nose
and the cupid’s bow and then a little bit on the chin. I like Laura Mercier foundation and
also the compact duo for

I live in denim jeans
I like
easy going, tomboyish jeans. I just bought these, they’re black skinny high
waisted – that’s all I wear. I live in denim jeans and these are perfect. We
actually did a shoot in New York just before I came over wearing these and I
put them on and I was like “oh my God”, I immediately got some as soon as I got
back. I just got my hands on a Valentino bag, always
a nice little thing. It’s black. I’ve also bought a little Chloe bag
and it’s got a little anchor. I think the Saint Laurent
blazers are always a statement piece. [Other brands] I love: NobodyScanlan
BassikeJac+JackJ Brand JeansDion Lee, I like the cool
cutout and geometric things, Josh GootLover is
probably my favourite [designer], they’ve always got the amazing statement
My skin is temperamental
changes [depending] where I am, what country I’m in. You just kind of have to
be in tune with it and know what’s going on. When I get off the plane, my skin
dries out first and then something happens, it gets really dry and then it gets
oily as soon as I get off the plane. [I use] SK-II Facial Treatment Masques.
I like to put on a hydrating mist like rosewater. Also, witch hazel is nice. I
like Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Microfoliant. SK-II is
nice. La Mer have got a good moisturiser and La
 does some good ones as well. I really like their Advanced Marine Biology
it’s probably my favourite and more for younger
skin. When I wasn’t modelling I didn’t really care. I’d just wake up in the
morning, wash my face with some water. Now I’m more about products and what’s
good for your skin. You have to take your makeup off and wear sunscreen because
your face is your work.

I’m a big eater
I love
going to restaurants. I love checking out new places. I really like Café
, it’s cute. Ruby’s, The Smile, Bar Pitti.
 I love cooking, my favorite thing is to cook at home. I think you’ve
got to just do the whole healthy thing, try and cut out sugar and carbs but not
to an extent that it becomes too hard. It’s all about moderation and exercise.
My body works best when I exercise. Foods don’t really change my body much. I
think it’s all about exercising and being physically healthy, so I like to get
out a lot and do activities. I can’t be in a gym, I’m not really one of those
people. I like to go outside, go surfing, to the beach, be outdoors and do
different things like going on hikes or trampolining to mix it up and have fun
but still exercise. I have a trainer in New York his name is Josh
. You just need to know yourself. Know what your body
needs and what it doesn’t need. Just look after it.”

Interview by Sigourney
Interview by Sigourney 
Still life Photography Amanda Chan