Mondays with Eden

Our beautiful Eden Bristowe is a beauty that can definately cure any case of Monday-itis.
 Hailing from New Zealand, our bright eyed development sensation has a promising career ahead of her. We thought we’d catch up for a quick 5 minutes this Monday to talk all things Eden.
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Sum up NZ in 3
Cold, beautiful & green
Favourite thing
about home?
Everything is always fresh,
from the food to the crisp air
Dream Holiday
destination modelling has taken you to?
If you weren’t
modelling you’d be?
In school studying for my
When you think
about the modelling career ahead of you, what are some goals you’d kill to
One of the biggest dreams I
have is to travel the world working and hopefully becoming one of the largest
names to come from New Zealand.
What can’t you
get enough of right now?
The band ‘The 1975’, their
music is to die for!
3 mandatory
handbag essentials?
wallet, iPhone charger, make
Beauty secrets?
I wash my face every night
and always make sure my skin is hydrated, and mascara is a must have!
Favourite piece
of clothing?
My denim jacket!!
Next big
purchase will probably be?
A shopping spree!
Best advice
given to you was?
Good things will come back to
you if you have to suddenly leave them, they will always wait.
Favourite junk
Your coffee
order is?
Soy Latte
Favourite emoji
right now?