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Chic Management caught up with the Brisbane beauty Jessica Cavallaro read the full interview below.



Where are you from? What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia but my background is Italian. Both sides of my family originate from Sicily.


What do you love about your work?

The thing I love most about my job is getting the opportunity to collaborate with brands that I love and the incredible people I get to meet and work alongside. I am passionate about the fashion industry and am so inspired by the creative visions of designers, makeup artists, photographers and stylists and feel so privileged when I get to be a part of that vision.

I also love that I get to transform into someone completely different through makeup and clothing, and the confidence it gives me. There is nothing more exciting than looking in the mirror and seeing a version of myself that is so different from my every day. Sometimes I find myself putting on little personas to match  my look – it’s fun pretending to be someone else for a day!


Do you have any secret talents?

Umm… I can wriggle my ears!  I also love creating, and painting designs on denim clothing. Instead of throwing out old or boring pairs of jeans or denim jackets; I love modifying them and changing them into a wholly new and unique item of clothing. I love that I can wear something that not only no one else has, but is a reflection of myself and my personality.  It’s not so much of a talent as it is a hobby, but I get a lot of compliments and create unique items for family and friends which is pretty cool.


How do you take on Summer?

Summer is my absolute favourite season – there is no such thing as “too hot” for me! During summer you will find me on the beach, sunbathing and hanging out with my friends. Summer is the holiday season in Australia, and I love being able to spend quality time with my extended family. It is such a happy time of year, and it seems as though everything comes alive! I take advantage of the summer break and honestly enjoy relaxing and not doing much after having a busy year.


What is your ultimate escape?

I hate cold weather! So my ultimate escape would be to chase summer when the cold months make their way back to Australia.I would head to Sicily, my home away from home, and spend the summer months on the beach eating granitas and spending time with my family over there that I never get to see.

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