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Meet the fierce Dafne Cejas. From modelling in New York, shooting for Vogue Italia, recently creating her own online swimwear label, and her daily life in Buenos Aires – Dafne is one amazing face you can’t pass. Currently in town now. Read full Chic profile below.

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Chic Profiles- Dafne Cajas

Where are you usually based for work since you have started modelling?

I started modelling 8 years ago now. I was based in New York City for a few years and later on in Europe, particularly Paris and Madrid. I remember my first days in New York because it was so new for me. So many amazing things happening around me. Here I did my first shooting for Italian Vogue with Steven Klein in an incredible location by night. It was amazing!! 

What is something so interesting and different about Buenos Aires in comparison to the rest of the world?

My beloved Buenos Aires. Of course I’m going to say that it’s one of the best cities in the world. I feel this way because you can never get bored there. People are always around. You can always meet up for a coffee with a friend or family. We like groups, we like to be surrounded by other people all the time. It’s also a big city with a lot of different cultures living there. It’s a mix of European costumes with our own Buenos Aires culture. In Buenos Aires there are a lot of things going on right now in Design, Art, Architecture, Music and of course food and wines. There’s always a protest against something going on in the streets. It is in our blood. We like to protest for everything, but we are very friendly and good hosts to people. I love how we are! Haha

How have you spend your time in Sydney when you have not been modelling?

When I have days off or even when I’m not free, I’m around with friends looking for an art exhibition or concerts also for coffee and dinner. I like to be outside and knowing the city, find cool spots. Doing what the locals do.

You Instagram feed has a beautiful range of artistic visuals? What inspires you creatively and stylistically?

I like to be inspired every day and I like to share this with other people, it makes me feel good. It’s easy today with social media and it’s also very useful to spread your point of view, your opinion, what you like, what you don’t. I like to read biographies, go to museums, to the opera, to the ballet. Last week I even went to the ‘Sydney Interior Design Event.’

With all this ‘constant feed of information’ I’ve decided to do something with it, so I started with my best friend a Swimsuits brand called OFFICINE D.I. (@officinedi) The brand is inspired by artists like Matisse, places like the Saint-Tropez and muses like Jane Birkin. We share our mood constantly, throughout our creative process, from the drawings to the final photo of the look book. I think people like that !! Seeing the process of the creation coming together. (Have a look

One of the first things you must do when you wake up in the morning?

First things first. I clean my face, put some cream on it and then my routine of exercises or going for a run, get some fresh air and meditate a few minutes.



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