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Chic Profiles: Meet the blonde beauty Lydia Kirwood. Originally from the East Coast of Australia Lydia catches up with Chic on how she initially fell into modeling and her three key wardrobe items to live by.



 Lydia Kirwood

1. How did you firstly get scouted?

I pretty much just had an embarrassing Tumblr account and put a few selfies on Instagram. Photographers and brands then started contacting me directly after a while and it all continued to built from there.


2.  One thing people don’t generally know about you?

I really love building, using natural materials and learning about crazy alternative structures. It’s so interesting!


3. The all time favourite shoot you have done?

I really like the shoot I did with Claudia Smith recently. She shot it on film in Mullumbimby on my friend’s property right near my grandma’s farm. We styled it together and I pretty much just got to run wild.


4. How have you found social media and modeling together to be? (Has it helped your career or help created your own person style etc )

Social media has definitely been helpful, it’s like an online portfolio for all the work you’re proud of, you can discover interesting people, network and make it unique to yourself. On the other hand – it’s much more fun if you don’t take it too seriously, there’s no way a multifaceted person can be summed up on a grid of photos, and it’s not three dimensional.


5. What are your three favourite wardrobe items you live by?

I’m very pro capsule wardrobe. Straight leg levis, black leather shoes, and my lucky patchwork jacket.

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