Interview with Rhianna Porter

Rhianna Porter just touched down from walking at London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Chic talks to Rhianna about her favorite experiences and what she missed back home.

Best experience in modelling career to date?

Walking Paris Fashion Week. 
Favourite Fashion show that you walked in while overseas?

Every show was equally fun so it’s hard to say, probably walking for Christopher Kane in London as at the time I didn’t realise Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace were in the front row. Finding out later completely threw me…I had no idea and was thankful I didn’t as I would have been so nervous!
Most exciting person you met?

I met Donatella Versace.
Is she lovely?

Yes she is lovely, she is amazing. She has this incredible energy. I was completely star struck!
Favourite local and international designer?

Alex Perry and it would have to be Prada.
What did you miss the most when you were overseas?

The beaches. Even though I live in the hills district in Sydney, the beach is my favourite thing about Australia.  I missed the warm weather and also my cat.
Plan/goals for 2013?

To walk every single fashion week I can and to take time to travel to New York. 
Did you have a new year’s resolution, how is that panning out?

Walk New York Fashion Week…I’m really hoping that happens. Also, I wanted to get a kitten and have done that.

What is your favourite new piece of clothing?

New tiger stussy jumper, its all over my instagram…I love it!
What is your favourite beauty product? Favourite beauty tip?

All Kora products. And the best thing I do every day, is exfoliate as much as possible.
Favourite thing to do at night in Sydney?

Chill out with my friends anywhere. 
Exclusive interview by Chic Management