INTERVIEW: Isabelle Cornish

What are you looking forward to in 2013?
Who or what are you inspired by at the moment?
What is something nobody would know about you? Hidden talents/party tricks?
I can lick my nose with my tongue.
What place in the world would you want to retire (if you could take everyone with you)?
What is your favorite possession in the whole world?
My family.
What perfume do you wear?
Calvin Klein One
What was your New Year’s resolution, how is it going?
Its going pretty well. I want to remember people’s names after meeting them and so far I’m doing pretty good.
Ultimate dream car?
Bat mobile.
What album have you been listening to lately?
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
Craziest piece of clothing you own?
House of Holland fluoro pink striped dress.

p:Daniella Rech

Exclusive interview by Chic Management