INTERVIEW: Christina Carey

You have the most flawless skin ever! Can you please give us a run down of your skin regime and any secret tips? 
It’s actually such a basic routine because my skin is too sensitive these days for most products. I cleanse and moisturise using a very natural range of products by a brand called Caroline’s Cream. It’s full of herbal plant extracts and is really calming and nourishing. I also use Ella Bache eye cream and have been for a few years now- it’s really hydrating and thicker than a lot of others.

Favorite beauty salon?  
I go to a very good facialist based in Bronte- Fumi Yamamoto at Zen Facial- she runs this private practice from her home overlooking the ocean. She’s the best in Sydney in my opinion.

Do you eat organically, exercise compulsively and never drink alcohol to attain your complexion? 
Haha no I’m not too strict..I think the French have the right idea ..a good balance of looking after yourself whilst enjoying life’s indulgences.

Favorite old piece, new piece and accessory you have?
Favorite old piece is a Comme des Garcons silk shirt; favorite new piece would be a pair of Chloe black leather boots, favorite accessory is a matching antique Danish ring and crystal pendant a close friend bought me as a gift.

How would people describe your style? 
I guess fairly classic in general. I usually match up a few black basic pieces with a mix of vintage silk and wool pieces I have collected over the years.

Favorite possession in the whole wide world? 
Hard to say! I try not to become too attached to possessions as I’ve lost a few favorites whilst travelling over the years.

Favorite designer at the moment? 
There are a few – Proenza Schouler, Celine, Prada, Christopher Kane and Dries Van Noten.

Who’s collection are you looking forward to see at Australian fashion week this year? 
Gary Bigeni.

Best experience in modelling career to date? 
Travelling to Marrakech to shoot with Serge Lutens. Also a shoot in the English countryside with Tim Walker was lots of fun.

You are putting your creative skills to test by taking illustration and graphic design courses this year…how is that going? 
It’s been great to get back into drawing again as I did quite a bit both in school and as extra-curricular growing up. I’m really excited now about a graphic design course I’ve enrolled in which commences mid-way through this year. I’m looking forward to being able to team up the two skills in time to come.

One thing people would not know about you?  
I have a habit of wearing odd socks and inside out t-shirts around the house.

Star sign? 

Favorite restaurant/bar/thing to do in the evening? 
Popolo in Rushcutters Bay or Fratelli Paradiso. I love home-style Italian food.

Did you make a New Years resolution, if so what was it and how is it going? 
I’ve stopped making them because I always break them!  

p. Sam Hendel
Exclusive interview by Chic Management