Chic Profiles with Rosa Bosch

Chic caught up with the gorgeous Dutch model Rosa Bosch who dropped into Sydney over March and April. Rosa talks over life in the Netherlands, some of the craziest incidents shooting and her life muses to live by.

Where were you discovered ?
I was first discovered on Hyves (It was like a Dutch Facebook, but it doesn’t exist anymore.) After I left modelling for a little while, wanted to start again so I just send my pictures to an agency!


One of the craziest moments or incident that happened to you on a shoot?

Well, one of my accidents at a show was when they cut of my real eyelashes instead of my fake eyelashes, hahaha. And one of the craziest moments was while I was shooting for a magazine in Milan, we were shooting in a very busy public place and literally everyone stopped to take pictures of me. It felt kind of surreal.

How would you describe the Netherlands in comparison to the rest of the world?

Well, Holland is of course is always colder than any other countries I’ve been to so far, haha. But further than that, I meet so many nice people from everywhere so I can’t really compare the people but I think it is just the feeling I have with Holland since I’m born there that I can’t compare with any other countries. And for me the thing which I also find very important is that Holland is so open minded, I think a lot of other countries can still learn from that. Oh Yeah, and the coffee shops in Holland are of course different than the ones in other countries. 😉


What has been your greatest moment in the last month?

My greatest moment in the last month was of course coming to Sydney! It has been such an amazing experience to live here for a little while! And I’ve also done some amazing shoots in super beautiful places and of course made some new friends. So I think you can say my greatest moment in the last month was Sydney in general.


Do you have any muses or is there anyone, who’s spirit inspires you to live by?

Well, as a muse for modelling, I do love Doutzen Kroes, of course she is very beautiful to look, but she is also super active for charity and still down to earth. In general the people that inspire me are probably my parents. Sounds a bit cliché but they are so supporting and always there for me and they always try to make me stay positive and see the good things in life.