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The American beauty Sophia Tatum catches up with Chic Management recapping when she was first scouted and her ultimate kind of day.
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How were you discovered ?

I was discovered when I was 11 at the Dorothy chandler pavilion in LA. I was there watching ballet and during intermission, this guy came up to us in a white suit, and asks if I’m a model or if I would like to ever do modelling. Well, it turned out he was the president of Next LA. When he found out I was only 11, he said I was too young and gave my Mum his card. He then mentioned if I ever would consider modelling to give him a call when I was older. When I just turned 15, my mum found his card and asked if it was something I wanted to do. I said it was so we gave him a call. He remembered me and I got signed from there.

What was your very first modelling job ? What has been your favourite?

My first job was for Rue 21. Oh gosh, there has been so many amazing jobs. I honestly can’t pick aha. Pretty much every job/shoot I do always has something enjoyable. But I always love shoots were I get to step out of the boundaries and be super creative.

What is the greatest thing about hometown/ country? 

I think the best thing about growing up in LA is you are given so many opportunities to be anything you want.

What would be your ultimate kind of day?

Binge watching Lord of the Rings or taking an amazing walk in nature preferably one with waterfalls and beautiful views.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Never doubt yourself. You can accomplish anything you want, all you have to do is believe in who you are and love yourself through this journey of life.


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