Chic Profiles | Georgia Farley New Faces – Watch

Georgia Farley, a fresh face from the North Coast of Australia had a quick chat with Chic about where she was first discovered and a typical day in the life of Georgia.


Where were you initially scouted?

I was initially scouted through Country Girl Australia at an event in Lismore.

Your favourite shoot you have done in your career so far? 

My favourite shoot would have to be the shoot for Riders by Lee, because we had many laughs and the music was great, just so many good vibes.
I also loved shooting for Russh Magazine.

What’s a typical day in the life of Georgia? 

A typical day in the life of Georgia would be exercise and sport. I love playing basketball.
Also food and my friends!

What’s your star sign and why you think it makes you, you? 

My star sign is Leo and I think it’s makes me, me because I am quite warm hearted and open to making new friends and meeting new people. I also love being as energetic as I can and enthusiastic.
Something that will always make you laugh?

Something that always makes me laugh is my dog Rex and my friends are hilarious.


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