Chic Girls Ingrid, Roberta and Amanda Backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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 Ingrid, Roberta & Amanda Backstage

Ingrid Williams 

What do you love about Fashion Week? 

I love the momentum that it has! It’s super busy and you get such an adrenaline rush walking for amazing designers on a daily basis!

Hardest outfit to get in?

The long tight dresses are always tough, but as a model, you make it work. (Especially when you have fantastic hair and makeup that you don’t want to ruin!)

What is your go to lunch through the week? 

I love tuna, bananas, strawberries and a yoghurt! Fantastic for protein & vitamins when I’m out and about.


Roberta Pecoraro

What was the show you had the most fun at?

I would have to say I had the most fun at the Bec&Bridge show. I don’t know what I was, but the energy level from everyone was high, they had good tunes playing during the show and I was a huge fan of my outfit ! I think all those things combined make me walk more confidently and allow me to really take it all in and enjoy the show.

How many shows have you done this week ?

All together I think it came to 13 🙂


Amanda Ware

How do you prep for Fashion Week?

This fashion week in particular I really concentrated on getting my body ready. It’s important to be physically fit and feeling mentally prepared so I exercised a lot and made sure I ate really well so my skin and hair looked their best.


What do you keep in your bag all week?

Fashion Week is all about being prepared and some days can be rushed beyond your wildest imagination. Having a few snacks in your bag is key as you don’t know when you’ll be able to sit down to have some proper food. I also always bring my iPad so if I need to zone out and just read a book or play a game I can.