Chic Girls at P.E Nation Resort 2017| Chic Quick Questions with Talia Berman & Jennifer Gilmore



P.E Nation put an edge to its runway show at this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It featured an all Chic cast and an installation setup which showed their latest resort 2017 collection.   Talia Berman and Jennifer Gilmore share three Chic Quick Questions on the show.


Talia Berman P.E Nation

How would you describe the set up for the P.E Nation Fashion show?

I would describe the P.E Nation show as levels. Lots of levels. I really loved the way they decided to show their collection in a theatrical way! The set was very dark and mysterious and the music was awesome- I think it really set the tone of the show which was to show girls hanging out, in their activewear. Super cool. I liked that we were on a sort of podium above the audience. I think it really added to the drama and mystery of it all.

What’s do you love about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

I love the energy of Fashion Week! It’s really fun to hang out with all the Chic girls backstage and you meet heaps of different people. I also love being a part of being able to see the joy that the designers have when their vision and the collection they’ve slaved over comes to life on the runway. They work so hard so it’s really nice to see them happy and proud of the final result.

How long have you been modelling for?

I’ve been modelling since I was about 16- so 3 years now, but I didn’t work much during school because that had to be my priority and I had to work really hard for it. So my first year properly working full time was last year- it was the best year of my life for so many reasons 🙂

Other than this, I’m currently in my first year of university so that takes up a lot of my time… I do enjoy it though. I also play netball and I love getting the chance to hang out with my friends- everyone’s super busy, so any moments I get to spend with them are really special.



Jennifer Gillmore P.E Nation

What was it like being on a runway with an installation set up?

It was a different experience being involved in an installation rather than runway set up. It felt more interactive with the audience, as they were walking around us rather than the other way around. P. E. Nation knows how to put on a cool show. They did it very well.

What were you wearing for P.E Nation?

I was wearing an oversized black, red and white active wear jumper and three-quarter pants that suited my seated positioning on the installation.

What is your favourite thing about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

MBFWA collectively inspires and motivates those involved to express themselves creatively. I love the week because I get to see all my best mates doing what we all love.


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