Chic Girls at Alice McCall Resort 2017 | Quick Questions with Hazel Crew

Chic Quick Questions with Hazel Crew as she recaps walking for Alice McCall’s Resort 2017 show last week. Chic girls Yaya Deng, Lydia Collins, Emily Jean, Avril Alexander, Bridget Hollitt, Paulina Grochowina & Tallulah Morton also walked for the collection.

What did you love most about modelling for Alice McCall’s Resort 2017 show?

What I really loved about doing Alice McCall’s Resort 2017 show was that it wasn’t a show at all! I liked that people got to see how the clothes are truly meant to be worn.


What do you like about being in Australia?

What I like most about Australia is the culture. It kind of reminds me of home in the US at times, but then it’s also completely different.


Who has been your Chic buddy around most of the shows?

My Chic buddy has definitely been Jessica Anderson. We live together and hardly spend a moment apart. I would come back again to see her. 🙂


What was your favourite day of the week?

My favourite day was probably Friday. It felt so good to have accomplished a crazy busy Fashion Week!


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