Chic Chats with Ksenia

Chic had the chance to have a quick chat with the Russian beauty Ksenia. She has been living and modelling in Australia for the last couple of months and is in town for the remainder of the month. Ksenia gave us a quick run down of her background and some of her favourite finds in Sydney so far.

See her full portfolio here and Instagram @ksyander


Tell us a bit about your back ground?

I was born in the village in southeast of Russia. I finished the school down there and moved to Ekaterinburg for University, I then graduated in 2013 with two degrees, moved to Moscow and started to do modelling and fashion design

One of your favourite places you have explored in the last week?

Hawks Nest Hill

The must have item in your wardrobe at the moment?

Black High hills

What was your favourite thing you did this week?

I went to Watsons Bay and spent all day there


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