Chic Chats with Chloe Moo

The mesmerizing Chloe Moo is back and around in town! We had the chance to catch up with Chloe after her recent return from London. Spring is in the air and summer will soon be around the corner, so we took it out to the flower fields.

Watch the film below and read the full Chic Chats here…



 Tell us a little about your London trip.

London is an amazing city, I loved working there. I lived in a little cottage in the backyard of a beautiful family who took me in. Everyday I’d buy produce from local farmers markets, navigate the underground to castings and work with amazing clients and photographers.


Where are you originally from ? 

I was born and grew up in Darwin.


What’s your favourite thing to wear? 

For my birthday last year both my Nanna’s gave me pieces of jewellery my grandfathers gave to them. One’s a Jade Buddha on a chain and the other; clip on costume earnings with little crystal flowers on them. I like to incorporate them into outfits and they just fill me with love 🙂


What’s the greatest part about returning to Australia during the Spring time? 

Shedding the cardies! Coastal walking, beach trips up the coast and café hopping on the weekend after buying fresh bread and flowers.


Your three favourite words?

  It’s dinner time!



A Chic Management film / stills
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