Backstage at Dion Lee Resort 2017 | Stephanie Joy Field Chic Quick Questions

Stephanie Joy Field talks to us about her arrival back in Australia, Dion Lee & walking for a total of 19 shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Chic Quick Questions below film.

Stephanie & Chic girls backstage at Dion Lee Resort 2017.

How does it feel to be back in Sydney for Fashion Week?

It feels so amazing to be back in Australia surprising the Australian designers for Fashion Week. It’s also amazing to catch up with everyone back in Australia. It is relaxing but extremely busy at the same time – I guess you find it more relaxing because you have a closer relationship with the clients here.


What was the first thing you did when you touched down?

The first thing I did when I got back to Australia was give my Mum and Dad a big hug (they picked me up from the airport). Then I went home; had a shower and then put on my workout gear, walked up to ‘FLATWHITE’ cafe and had breakfast with my parents – it’s the best cafe ever!!


What are you wearing in Dion Lee’s show?

I wore this lemon yellow silk yellow dress; it was so beautiful but very simple at the same time.


What would you describe as your street style for Fashion Week ?

I guess my ‘street style’ changes day to day. Some days I wore high end designers and then the days I was more chilled. I guess that my style is very versatile and I just throw things together and hope that they are ‘farshion’.


How many shows have you done during Fashion Week?

I was told that I ended up with a total of 19 shows at the end of the week. I am very proud of my achievements and being able to psychically fit that many shows in – I have my agency to thank for all the amazing shows I did though.



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