A Day in the life of Mara Erikovna



A Day in the Life of Mara Erikovna

What are you doing at this very moment?

I’m currently eating breakfast on my balcony in Bondi before heading to the beach to have a swim. The perks of living where people go on holidays…


Can you tell us a little more about your French background and your mother agency ?

France (especially Paris) is a little more crowded and busy. It’s like living in a hive with people rushing everywhere. It can be stressful, even more when you work in the modeling industry because in order to succeed, you have to be a lot more competitive. My mother agency would always make sure that I felt ok and checked on me very often. Yet, France is the home of so many amazing traditions and habits that feed the stereotypes ( most of them are true, if you ask me, except that we only reserve croissants for those lazy Sunday mornings 🙂 ). I miss the carelessness of my country, that easy approach to simple pleasures : yes, have another glass of red wine !!


How has your time in Australia been so far?

It has been incredible ! I feel so lucky to be here, work and meet so many amazing people ! I love that Sydney is built around the outdoor culture. Wherever you go, there is a pretty backyard or a nice view to look at, be it on a edgy Newtown street or in the classy neighbourhood of Paddington. Sydney is so versatile, whenever I get a day off, I take this opportunity to go out and explore.


Your favourite café you have come across?

There are so many good ones that serve vegan food.. I try to test out one new address every week-end. By the end of the year, I’ll be able to write a guidebook haha! So far, my favourite must be Speedos Café in Bondi for a naughty treat but Cali Press is my go-to in a smoothie bowl emergency ! I’m a sucker for anything clean, colourful & homemade.


What is one of the main skin products you can’t live without at the moment?

Right now I am all about the Oatfix fresh mask by Lush Cosmetics. As the weather is getting warmer and the sun stronger, I need to protect my sensitive skin from dryness. I use it after a day out in the sun to scrub and nourish at the same time so my skin is nice and plump by the next morning. A staple ! Plus, it smells like a vanilla smoothie…


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