5 Things to Know About Luiza Matyba



5 Things to Know About Luiza Matyba

1. My favourite food is sushi (but without soya as unfortunately I am allergic to it) and  I can not live without honey !

2. The music I am usually love to listen to is the prodigy, but mostly I am listening all kind of music. When I  was younger I used to go to music school, I played piano and the drums.

3. I love everything that is pink – my room is pink,  even my kitchen is pink! Then all my furniture is white and black.

4. I used to train in kickboxing when I was younger. I actually wanted to be a professional fighter but my mom did not give me a permission thinking I’d go crazy.

5. Hmm the last one is love to cats, prefer them to dogs, they re intelligent, clever, unpredictable plus provocative and stubborn.


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