5 Minutes with Grace Simmons

We couldn’t be happier for our beautiful Grace Simmons and what she’s achieved this year.
Fresh off the Dior & Viktor & Rolf runway in Paris we could not wait another second to catch up about Paris, home cooked meals and the Dior runway of course…
Brisbane but loving living in
Sydney when I am back in Australia.
Star sign?
Coffee order?
not a coffee person at all – give me some Green Tea any day!
Last thing you googled?
places for shopping in Paris?” (guilty…)
Last present you bought
new Nike Free Runs in hot pink/purple! I couldn’t help myself – the bright
colours are so cool and they make me actually look forward to working out!
Next big purchase you’re
dreaming of?
got my eye on a Celine handbag… and it’s my birthday soon (Mum and Dad I hope
you’re reading this) ☺️
 Sum up your Dior experience
in 3 words!

Surreal! Dream-come-true! (not three words whoops..)
What goes through your head
on the runway?
just try to make sure I’m enjoying myself and taking everything in because it’s
such a short experience that you blink and you miss it!
What will you miss most about
fact that the sun doesn’t set until around 10pm every night! It’s so handy and
it means you can do so much more with your day!
3 things that help you unwind
after a long days work?
nice cup of tea, some comfort food and a Sandra Bullock comedy!
2 mandatory bedside table
and whatever book I’m currently reading – which at the moment is On The Road by
Jack Kerouac!
Favourite emoji right now?
  heheh I’m such a cat
Favourite home cooked meal?
down mum’s spaghetti Bolognese! I haven’t had a problem a big bowl of it
couldn’t fix!
The first person I told when
I found out about Dior was

my mum!

One thing I love that would
surprise people is

I love staying in! A perfect night to me is some junk food, good music, a few
comedy movies and my best friends – I’m so boring! 
Out of all the songs, my
ultimate favourite is…

Yellow by Coldplay
I get nervous when… things don’t go to plan! I’m
a super organised person so when things change I find it pretty stressful!
Words: Sami Sloane // Photos: Chic, Grace, Instagram, style.com