Marjan Jonkman Covers Numero Russia by An Le

Marjan Jonkman covers the September Issue of Numero Russia

Photography: An Le




Styling: Emelie Hultqvist

Makeup: Yuki Hayashi

Hair: Hiro + Mari

Hair by Hiro+Mari

Set Design by David De quevedo

Art Director Victoria

Model Meets | Natalia Machado Medeiros


Chic Management meet up with the Brazilian beauty Natalia Machado Medeiros. 


1. Where were you discovered?

It’s a long story… but to sum it up I was discovered in Brazil, in Minas Gerais, on the farm that I lived on with my parents.

2. Your ultimate escape anywhere in the world?

For me, nature sets me free and makes me forget the problems. Anything with nature is my ultimate escape.

3. You secret weapon?

My secret weapon I think is the mix of determination, focus, positive thinking and faith.

4. What is your star sign and how do you feel it reflects your personality?

 I am a Virgo, kkkk, difficult sign. It reflects in my personality the connection I have with myself. I am quite a perfectionist, I want everything to be right and always strive to achieve my goals.



Natalia Machado Medeiros in town now.

A Chic Management exclusive.