Samantha Harris & Maddison Brown for ORCF x Witchery ‘White Shirt Campaign’ 2018 by Georges Antoni

Sam & Maddison show their support for ORCF & Witchery’s annual White Shirt Campaign.

This campaign aims to raise both awareness & funding for the cure & prevention of ovarian cancer.

Photography: Georges Antoni


Hair: Koh

Makeup: Linda Jeffereyes

Model Meets | Kseniya

The 19 year Belarusian beauty Kseniya, has currently dropped into town in Sydney. She talks all things, life, loves and travels as an international model.

Full interview below 

Where are you from?

Hi my name is Kseniya, I am from Belarus and I live there with my family.

What is your favourite character?

My favourite character is Spiderman, but the older one.

What would you be doing if you were not modelling ?

Before modelling I wanted to become a dentist.

 What do you love about the world?

I like travelling, good music, spent time with my friends and family and I like to watch people draw somethings. So far I just want to see a kangaroo, because I like them aha. In this world I love that everything can be so different and everyone can find something new.


What has been your favourite work you have done?

I have a lot of favourite shoots. One of my favourite ones was in Barcelona for L’Official. We worked on the seaside and the team was very good. There was a nice atmosphere and everything was very warm. Another great shoot was one in Korea for a Korean brand, that was a campaign and we worked on the ‘Museum on Sun.’ It was amazing because I saw beautiful landscapes, with mountains and the weather was raining but it a romantic way. Haha I loved it a lot.





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